Hollywood’s busiest actress–Selena Gomez


The book Selena Gomez contains 5 chapters and 32 pages

As a young child, Selena Gomez wanted to be an actress. But she lived in a small Texas town. Her parents were divorced. Money was tight.

Selena didn’t let those obstacles stop her. On her seventh birthday, she auditioned for and received a part on Barney & Friends. A few years later, Selena won a role as Mikayla on the popular Miley Cyrus show, Hannah Montana. Selena liked acting and worked hard to improve her skills. During the next few years, she appeared in many TV and movie roles. Finally, Selena was offered the chance to star in her own show.

Selena Gomez, star of Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place, evolved from being an unknown girl to one of today’s busiest actors, as well as the recipient of Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Award for Favorite TV Actress.

This text from p. 1 of my biographical book on Selena Gomez introduces us to Selena’s ambition, even at the age of seven. The book is targeted for students in Grades 1-3. If you can’t find the book in your school or public library, ask your librarian to contact me at this website to order one. They are also available from Amazon and the publisher.


Caralyne, a 6th grader, did a Youtube book report on the book, Selena Gomez

Chapter 1         Audition for Barney

Selena Gomez didn’t think about the people watching her from behind the camera. She forgot about the hundreds of other children waiting to audition (aw-DIH-shun) as a child actor on the program Barney & Friends. Instead, she focused on singing, dancing, and smiling.

Selena, 7, and her mother had driven to Dallas, Texas, from their nearby home in Grand Prairie, Texas, for the audition. “I want to be an actress,” Selena had told her mother. Trying out for a part on Barney & Friends, she believed, would help her reach that goal.

One thousand four hundred children showed up for the audition. At the end of the day, the people who produced the show chose Selena for the part!

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  1. I realy like selena gomez songs,movie and storys they are realy realy realy good and Ilike her style and fashion.

    Do you like vera wang princess?

    from Nicolexxx

    1. Nicole, thanks for writing! I’m so glad you like Selena Gomez. Have you read my book about her? It may be at your local library or ask your librarian to order it. Selena Gomez is a great person and very busy with helping people. I don’t know about Vera Wang Princess but will check it out and get back to you. Have a great day!

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