Life’s Interruptions- What will you do with them?

I write about my friends and family rarely b/c I don’t want them to fear confiding in me, thinking I’ll use their thoughts for an article in a magazine. But my friend Lisa’s life was so dedicated to God that I know she would not mind if I shared her thoughts here.  Do you have problems handling life’s interruptions like cancer and death? I do– we all do.  Only by trusting God can we make it through these situations intact.


‘Go down at once for your people…have corrupted themselves.’ ~ Exodus 32: 7

Most people don’t like interruptions, especially life-threatening ones. At age 21, my friend Lisa’s body was invaded by Hodgkin’s Disease. She underwent radiation therapy. Improper radiation techniques resulted in Lisa having many health problems, including heart and lung damage. In 1999 Lisa went into respiratory failure. To save her life a tracheotomy was put in. Lisa was ventilator- dependent for 12 hours a day and unable to speak. Her husband continued to support her through her health difficulties, as he had since their marriage in 1997. Sadly, Lisa died on Valentine’s Day several years ago.

While she was still living, I asked Lisa how she felt about her life and its many interruptions. She wrote her response: “Getting cancer made me think about my life. It resulted in me giving my life to Christ. This walk I am on with Him gets pretty lonely at times, but I’ll never give up. And He has promised us all that He will never leave or forsake us.  AMEN!”

When the Israelites created the golden calf for worship, they interrupted God’s plan for them to receive the commandments from Moses. Their rebellion took them far away from God. Lisa’s life-interruptions brought her closer to Him. Where have life-interruptions taken you?

God, life-interruptions usually involve hardship. Help us to put our trust and strength in You. Amen.

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