Focus on WWII

My writing has evolved over the past several years. It may appear from my blog posts that I focus on World War II stories. That is true as I feel there is an urgent need to get these stories, many of which have never been told, in print for future generations to appreciate.

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I have interviewed 225+ WWII vets. I’m active with many groups, online and in-person. I hope to share much of their thoughts with readers at this blog.

My first book, WWII Legacies: Stories of Northeast IN Veterans, contains 28 stories of men and women who served in every branch of the American military during WWII. My second book, They Did It for Honor: Stories of American WWII Veterans, has 34 stories with 100+ photos, many never-before-published, of the war. The writing is easy to understand for 6th grade and older.

Many of my WWII stories are published regularly in the Ft Wayne (IN) New-Sentinel.

I’ve also had stories published in America in WWII magazine. My latest was Oct/Nov 2016 about Navy seaman James Wiegman who witnessed the surrender of the Japanese to Allied forces on the USS Missouri in Sept 1945. His story is in They Did It for Honor.

aWiegman MacArthur signs

In 2017 my husband and I participated in a trip to Europe to follow a 10-day tour of four countries where troops fought in 1941-1945– Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany. We were excited and learned tons! I’ve put together a Power Point presentation which I’ve presented to dozens of groups and 100s of people. Please contact me for more information. Thanks to our vets for serving our country during WWII and other eras!

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