Elizabeth Nulf MacDonald Helps Speakers ‘Un-Sabotage’ Messages

I met Elizabeth Nulf MacDonald a few years ago through a mutual friend who was interested in communication skills. Elizabeth has interviewed me on her public access TV show which focuses on perfecting communication skills. She is an artist at what she does and it was a thrill to turn the tables and interview her.... Continue Reading →

Author Naomi Wiederkehr Writes to Bless Children

Naomi Wiedekehr is so busy I felt lucky getting her to sit down with me for an interview with Senior Living magazine. We met decades ago as members of the Fort Wayne Christian Writers Club. We talked often about our writing goals. I think it’s great that we’re both writing for children. She writes for... Continue Reading →

Owner Loves Her 1958 Diamond Volkswagen

 Kathy Mohler of Bluffton, Indiana, likes Beetles. Specifically, she likes anything made by the Volkswagen Company 1957-1961. Mohler grew up in a family that worked on cars. She and her brother, Terry Webber, learned how to rebuild engines from watching their father, Don Webber, when the family lived in Fort Wayne. “I was my dad’s other... Continue Reading →

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