Ever Wonder What World War II Was All About?

‘Battle of the Bulge: Stories From Those Who Fought and Survived’ explains this momentous battle in easy-to-understand language.

Maybe your father or mother was one of the 16 million Americans who fought for the freedom of defenseless people against dictators from 1941-1945 (and on into 1946).

My guess is you heard little, if anything, about his/her service. If you were lucky, you got a photo of your parent in uniform.

That’s it.

For the most part, that’s the same lament issued by the families of thousands of vets who came home from the war and never wanted to talk about their service.

Sadly, few of those 16 million remain among us.

With so many World War II veterans deceased, it’s a possibility their stories will be forgotten.

My mission for the past decade has been to find those people, talk to them and put their stories into books and magazine stories.

This goal does double duty by helping to preserve our national military heritage. I am a proud Air Force wife and mother.

So, if you always wished you could have learned more about what your parent, friend, neighbor, teacher did during World War II — or you wonder why Hollywood continues to put out movies about the era — dig in to the pages here.

You may find answers — and your sense of patriotism may go through the roof!



Speaking to a group at Ft Wayne (IN) History Center.

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