New Books Have Arrived!

Ten-thousand-foot peaks filled Bob Kreider's vision. Carefully he reset the big plane, chomping his gum nervously. Were enemy forces below waiting for them to crash? Suddenly, anti-aircraft fire split the air. Shells punctured the plane’s bottom. Many were flattened by one-half-inch pieces of steel crew members had placed under their seats. One wing received damage from ground fire, but Kreider managed to maneuver the plane out of the valley and away from the enemy. He was glad they were not transporting wounded.

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Vet & the Marine Corps!

My husband received this beautiful American flag at his retirement at the 122nd Fighter Wing in Ft Wayne, IN. My daughters & I attended the event. Today, my husband John celebrates a birthday! He is my favorite veteran (Air Force) and introduced me to military life as a spouse and later as a mother of... Continue Reading →

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