Christian Devotion — In the Midst of Fear

I wrote this devotion after reading a diary kept by a friend during a hiking trip to Europe. From that same diary I wrote two other stories – both religious -- about Sharon’s thoughts and feelings during her travels. All were published with her permission and I gave her copies of the published articles. I hope this blesses... Continue Reading →

Announcing my next book : Big Time Rush!

I’m excited to announce the publication of my 2 newest books for children! I’ll give them each their proper due by announcing them separately. Look for the other book's announcement in a few days! You'll love it! ** Big Time Rush—Beacon Biography This is a 32-page chapter book that is full-color, library-bound and gorgeous! As... Continue Reading →

Middle Schooler Inspired by My Book, Celebrities Giving Back!

I love to talk to kids who like to read, especially when they like to read my books! Call me Proud—I am proud of my 11 non-fiction Middle Grade books. They range in subject from Greek gods to biographies on Taylor Swift to stories of famous people who help others. Victoria liked my book called... Continue Reading →

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