Christian Devotion — In the Midst of Fear


I wrote this devotion after reading a diary kept by a friend during a hiking trip to Europe. From that same diary I wrote two other stories – both religious — about Sharon’s thoughts and feelings during her travels. All were published with her permission and I gave her copies of the published articles. I hope this blesses you and teaches you to trust in God.




While backpacking alone through Europe, Sharon, an American, had to board a boat in Northern Ireland that would take her to Scotland. Hostile glances from the other passengers came her way as she stood in line to pay the fare. Sharon realized that because she was a stranger and traveling by herself, the people in the country saw her as a threat. For the first time on her 21-day journey, she began to feel afraid for her safety.


Sharon sent an urgent plea heavenward. “Lord, please take care of me in this place full of strangers. Show me You are beside me, watching over me.’


When it was time to pay the fare, the white-haired captain of the boat asked Sharon, “Where’re you headed, Miss?”


“Scotland,” she replied.


“That would be the third stop for you, Miss.” Sharon nodded and moved to the side.

Once at sea, the boat’s engine made a deep chug-chugging sound that filled the air around the boat and carried out over the waves. The captain’s deep voice could be heard clearly above the noise: “If you’re a-wantin’ Scotland, it’s the third stop. Ya’ don’t be a-wantin’ the first or second stop, but the third stop for Scotland.” Every few minutes, he repeated the announcement, looking around at all the passengers and smiling in a friendly manner.


After two or three similar announcements, Sharon caught on. As the only American on board, she was obviously the only one who needed a reminder. Sharon tried to maintain an outward look of calm, even though her nerves felt frayed. Would the other passengers grow angry with the captain’s attention towards her?


When Sharon looked around, the faces of the crowd surprised her. Instead of frowns, people smiled. A few people chuckled as their heads swiveled between her and the captain. Sharon relaxed, more relieved than she wanted to admit, that the earlier tension was gone, dissolved under the captain’s care.


Once the boat arrived in Scotland, Sharon gathered her belongings and stood in line to disembark. She thanked the elderly captain for his help. His ruddy face revealed gentle understanding as he wished her a safe trip.


Sharon also thanked God for His help. Never again would she doubt His care for her in a tension-filled situation.


The End


Announcing my next book : Big Time Rush!

Big Time Rush is a popular singing group with a show on Nickelodeon channel

Big Time Rush is a popular singing group with a show on Nickelodeon channel

I’m excited to announce the publication of my 2 newest books for children! I’ll give them each their proper due by announcing them separately. Look for the other book’s announcement in a few days! You’ll love it!

Big Time Rush—Beacon Biography

This is a 32-page chapter book that is full-color, library-bound and gorgeous! As a middle school librarian, I ordered it for my school and encourage it as a book for reluctant readers.

It is produced by Purple Toad Publishing. This is a new publisher that really knows what it’s doing!

I’m proud to promote this singing group which makes me laugh during its show on Nickelodeon channel by the same name. Yes, I know I’m an adult but I like innocent screwball comedy!

My goal is to promote good role models with my writing. That’s what I’ve found with the members of Big Time Rush. I won’t write about someone who is not a good role model.

Big Time Rush is a popular singing group with a show on Nickelodeon channel

Big Time Rush is a popular singing group with a show on Nickelodeon channel

You may have seen James Maslow on Dancing with the Stars (he’s on the right in the top row on the cover). Good moves!

Several people – including students! — have complimented this book. I’ve already sold several during book talks and am arranging more speaking engagements for children and adults. If you’d be interested in arranging an author visit with me for your school or library or club, please contact me.

That’s not all! The books are also available in ebook format as well as hard copy! You can order them through most distributors (Amazon, Baker & Taylor, etc) and through the publisher.

Purple Toad Publishing

Here is ordering information:
Big Time Rush
ISBN 9781624690105
Ebook ISBN 9781624690297
Big Time Rush is offered as part of a 7-book series.

This and my other 10 books are educational tools that will entice your child/student to read and learn more about the world – and hopefully read more!

If you have questions about these books or my other titles, please let me know. Information about my 3 Greek gods books, biographies on Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and my Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia is available throughout this blog.

I love providing fascinating reading material for kids! Woo hoo!


What’s In Your Bag?

My purse is always stuffed with supplies for my family and a book to read!

My purse is always stuffed with supplies for my family and a book to read!

“…Provide purses for yourselves that will not wear out, a treasure in heaven that will never fail, where no thief comes near and no moth destroys. Luke 12:33

It scared the wits out of me for years. ”They knock your feet right out from under you,” said one friend. “Don’t walk in alone,” advised another. “Go with a gang.”

Each fall a certain manufacturer of colorful, stylish cloth handbags, backpacks, luggage, and coin purses, conducts an outlet sale at a location close to my home. This event attracts hundreds of thousands of shoppers each year looking for deals.

Despite the proximity, I had avoided attending the outlet sale. Every woman knows being stampeded by female shoppers looking for good deals is 10 times worse than being stampeded by male shoppers looking for good deals! However, last year I decided to attend and purchase items for Christmas presents. I left a note at home, so if the other shoppers trampled me to death, my husband would know where to find me.

Needless to say, I survived. The experience was even somewhat pleasant. Customers shopped companionably beside each other with no fighting over a particular handbag.

While walking to my car after making my purchases, I wondered about the fuss. Jesus warned against obsessing over items that have no eternal significance and which would eventually wear out. Why did he mention purses in particular? Was it because He knew women would love them for centuries to come?

Prayer: You know my wants and desires so well, Father. Please help me to control my spending habits so they honor you.

Middle Schooler Inspired by My Book, Celebrities Giving Back!

Victoria loved my book Celebrities Giving Back.

Victoria loved my book Celebrities Giving Back.

I love to talk to kids who like to read, especially when they like to read my books! Call me Proud—I am proud of my 11 non-fiction Middle Grade books. They range in subject from Greek gods to biographies on Taylor Swift to stories of famous people who help others.

Victoria liked my book called Celebrities Giving Back (Mitchell Lane). She said, “I read Mrs. Reusser’s book about Celebrities helping the needy. This book inspired me to be a better person. In the book I seen Oprah and Mr. Obama.”

Thanks, Victoria, for your kind words! I know you will help many people in your life. Books can inspire us to do good.

What book have you read that inspires you to do good?

I’m available to speak at libraries and schools. Please contact me on Facebook, Twitter or my website contact page for more information.