Wayne Center Elementary School Enhances Students’ Interests with Visit from Medusa!

I love visiting schools to talk with students about the importance of reading for success in life. I may not look successful in my Medusa costume, complete with a wig of rubber snakes, but I'll swallow my pride to get kids excited about books! Recently I spoke to all 400 students in Grades 1-6 at... Continue Reading →

Medusa Visits Bluffton Elementary School!

When a principal at a school asks you to attend because she believes in you and your books, it’s really an honor. Julie Meitzler, principal of Bluffton Elementary School sent me a request earlier this year, saying that she had contacted teachers in her school with the recommendation that they invite me to visit their... Continue Reading →

Southern Wells Elementary School Hosts Medusa!

Great kids, beautiful building, friendly staff—Southern Wells Elementary School has it all! After receiving an invite from Laura McKinney to speak to her second graders, I gladly accepted (Thanks Tricia Tucker for the recommendation!)! I walked into their group with my Medusa costume which you can see here. By the time this photo was taken,... Continue Reading →

Greek God Hephaestus Knows What It’s Like to be Different

Hephaestus by Kayleen Reusser (Mitchell Lane Pub)[/caption] Did you ever feel different from everyone else? The Greek god Hephaestus felt different because he was different! In Greek mythology he was made the god of the forge. More importantly, he was the only Greek god who had to deal with a deformity. All of the Greek... Continue Reading →

Cameron Thinks My Book on Greek God Hades is Cool!

My friend Cameron recently read my book on the Greek god called Hades (god of the underworld). Cameron is a 5th grader. He liked the story about Persephone and Hades in Chapter 3. "It was exciting," he said. Thanks, Cameron, for reading the book and commenting on it. I'm looking for other boys and girls who... Continue Reading →

Greek God costume contest at ACPL is a success!

Wow! Who knew a library could be such fun! My presentation about my 3 Greek Gods books on Hermes, Hephaestus, and Hades at Allen County Public Library coordinated well with a Greek God costume contest we offered. The photos show some of the darling outfits the kids came up with! We had Athena, Hades, Medusa,... Continue Reading →

Dress up like a Greek God and win a prize!

This week I have two exciting speaking engagements.   On Thursday June 7 I’ll be speaking for the third time at Allen County Public Library for Young Adults/Homeschoolers. With the summer library reading program’s theme of ‘Epic’, YA librarian Cathy Lambert & I came up with the idea of challenging those attending to dress up... Continue Reading →

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