Dress up like a Greek God and win a prize!

This week I have two exciting speaking engagements.


Hades by Kayleen Reusser

On Thursday June 7 I’ll be speaking for the third time at Allen County Public Library for Young Adults/Homeschoolers. With the summer library reading program’s theme of ‘Epic’, YA librarian Cathy Lambert & I came up with the idea of challenging those attending to dress up like their favorite Greek God/ goddess/ monster.


Hephaestus by Kayleen Reusser

Prizes will be awarded for the best costume. I’ll be talking about the writing of my 3 Greek Gods books. But I’ll also be dressed up in my own costume. Can you guess who I might dress up as?


Hint: I’ll not be in costume for any of the characters I wrote about since they are all male – Hades, Hephaestus, Hermes. So I’ll be dressed as a female figure.


Hint 2: I created a special head covering for this costume because my female Greek monster was especially known for it.


I showed my head covering to my daughter today as we Skyped and she called it ‘hideous’. Yeah! That’s just the type of reaction I want to get from people because the monster I’m in costume for was hideous!


Hermes by Kayleen Reusser

OK! That’s all the hints. I’ll post photos of my costume, complete with the flowing, peach-colored gown my mother-in-law wore to our wedding, after the event.


Everyone is welcome to attend.

Allen County Public Library

900 Library Plaza (downtown Fort Wayne)

Fort Wayne

Time: 1-2:00 pm.


You don’t have to be a homeschooler or dressed in costume to attend.

I’ve spoken to this group the past two years on my other books. It’s always a joy to return. Posts on those appearances can be found by doing a search on ‘Allen County Public Library’.

Tomorrow I’ll post about my other speaking engagement which takes place on Friday.


2 thoughts on “Dress up like a Greek God and win a prize!

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  1. How fun! What goddess do I think you would be? Hmm….If it were me, I’d be Athena, but I picture you in a more maternal role. I’ll guess Demeter. Make sure you snap a picture to post!

    1. Oh Laurie, You’ll be shocked! I’m not planning to be Demeter. Something hideous, remember!? Keep thinking… Will you and Victoria be there? She could be a cute Centaur. 🙂

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