Sabbian reports on Hephaestus

My friend Sabbian read the book I wrote on the Greek god Hephaestus (Mitchell Lane Publishing). The 5-chapter book tells various stories about this god of the forge. In today’s world Hephaestus would be called a blacksmith. He was also the only Greek god to be described as physically disabled. Hephaestus would never win Mr.... Continue Reading →

Jillian reports on my Leona Lewis book

My young friend, Jillian, volunteered to read my children’s chapter book biography of Leona Lewis (Mitchell Lane Publishing) and then write and read a book report on it. Leona is a British pop star whose song, “Bleeding Love” has topped song charts around the world. Jillian does a great job telling the main points of... Continue Reading →

Book Signing with Tracie Peterson, Judith Miller and Cathy Marie Hake

A few months ago I had the privilege of meeting three terrific Christian novelists at a book signing. They appeared to sign copies of their current books: Tracie Peterson (Dawn's Prelude), Judith Miller (The Carousel Painter; sometimes co-authors with Tracie), and Cathy Marie Hake (That Certain Spark). These authors generally write romance – some contemporary,... Continue Reading →

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