Want to get students to read? Invite Medusa!

I’m not too proud to pull out all of the stops to inspire kids to read. That includes wearing a head full of snakes—rubber snakes, that is! As the author of 3 books on Greek gods – Hades, Hephaestus, Hermes, I’ve decided to create one of the creepiest characters in Greek mythology to tell kids... Continue Reading →

Speaking to Lancaster Elementary School Students Rocks!

Recently I spoke to 3rd and 4th grade students at Lancaster Elementary School in Ossian IN. My friend Lyn Rodgers arranged it and I thank her and the other teachers for allowing me to speak to their students about the writing process, how I get my ideas for writing and the importance of reading, spelling... Continue Reading →

Elizabeth Nulf MacDonald Helps Speakers ‘Un-Sabotage’ Messages

I met Elizabeth Nulf MacDonald a few years ago through a mutual friend who was interested in communication skills. Elizabeth has interviewed me on her public access TV show which focuses on perfecting communication skills. She is an artist at what she does and it was a thrill to turn the tables and interview her.... Continue Reading →

Fulbright Scholar Lauren Petersen Completes Year in Poland

    “Europe is this huge melting pot of cultures,” said 2007 Bluffton High School graduate Lauren Petersen. “That’s what I wanted to experience as a Fulbright Scholar. I wanted to be immersed in something completely new.”   In June Petersen returned from a year spent as a Fulbright Scholar teaching English to students at... Continue Reading →

Speaking at Norwell High School was an adventure!

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak to English students at Norwell High School. Rhonda Bower, one of the school’s English teachers, arranged my day-long visit. It was a pleasure to share the time with another speaker and real-life adventurer Paul Sell. Paul, 86, put together a great Power point presentation about... Continue Reading →

High Tech school encourages learning

 “We force our students to think harder to think about their futures,” said Liz Bryan, director of the New Technology Network, a 4-year program housed within Wayne High School on the south side of Fort Wayne.   ‘New Tech @ Wayne’, as the program is called locally, began in 2009. Bryan explained the concept of... Continue Reading →

Char Binkley lives life to the fullest

I listened to Char Binkley as a radio announcer on WBCL radio in Ft Wayne Indiana for years before interviewing her for this article which appeared in the Ossian Sun Riser in Fall 2011. Her smooth voice and careful, prepared method of interviewing people on the air influenced me, even before I knew I wanted... Continue Reading →

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