Learn to Make Cuban Sandwich, Papaya Mango Shake

Now You're Cooking: Cuba (Purple Toad Publishing)

Now You’re Cooking: Cuba (Purple Toad Publishing)

If you don’t know by now how much I love libraries and the people who work in them, then we need to spend more time together! I’ve worked in a college library and now work in a school library. I love being surrounded by books!

My 2 cookbooks are part of the cookbook section of the Huntington City-Township Public Library collection.

My 2 cookbooks are part of the cookbook section of the Huntington City-Township Public Library collection.

As an author, it’s a joy to see librarians excited about my own books. When Linda Smith at Huntington City-Township Public Library (Indiana) wanted to plan a kick-off for the library’s new cookbook club, she asked me to host it with a cooking demo from my new Cuban cookbook.

Cutting up a papaya at the demo.

Cutting up a papaya at the demo.

I was thrilled! My book’s title: Now You’re Cooking: Cuba (Purple Toad Publishing http://www.purpletoadpublishing.net/).
The library advertised it well and approx. 20 people attended.
We served two recipes from the book. The first was one of the drinks featured in the book: Papaya Mango Milkshake. I love this drink! Papaya is now my favorite fruit. After peeling a mango and only getting a little amount of pulp, I’m convinced to buy this fruit in its frozen state, cubed. It is smooth, creamy and healthy with no sugar needed!
We also prepared and served Cuban sandwiches which I cooked on an electric skillet. The dill pickle slices added a tangy fragrance to the browned chicken slices, Swiss cheese, spicy mustard and sweet bread.
Lana Miller did a great job of pressing the Cuban sandwiches.

Lana Miller did a great job of pressing the Cuban sandwiches.

My good friend Lana Miller and my husband John assisted with the creation of the sandwiches by pressing a skillet on top of each and serving them. The finished sandwich were only be 1/3 of the original size.
They were scrumptious! This sandwich combined with the Papaya Mango shake is a complete, quick meal!
20 people attended my cooking demo at the library-- a great turn out!

20 people attended my cooking demo at the library– a great turn out!

Purchase a copy of my book and see for yourself how good Cuban food can be!
I’d love to come to your library, church, social event to give a cooking demonstration or talk. Please contact me if you could use a speaker. xxxKjreusser@adamswells.comxxx (remove x’s there to prevent spammers).

Mad Anthony’s Restaurant Serves Fantastic Food and Memories



It was always a desire of mine to be a travel writer. I’ve written travel-related stories for many locales, including Alaska, Florida, Ohio, Indiana. I currently write posts about Fort Wayne (IN) for the www.visitfortwayne.com/Insiderblog . This is a fun way to get to know a city’s best eating /entertainment spots. This restaurant is a family favorite – give it a try! Disclaimer: No one in my family has ever received free food from this restaurant as a result of writing these posts.




Recently, my two grown children and I thought about where to go for lunch in Fort Wayne. We actually only thought for one minute because both of them piped together: “Mad Anthony’s!”


This restaurant on the corner of Broadway and Taylor Streets in Fort Wayne has been a family fave of ours for many years.


We love the funky, retro interior with signage posted everywhere. The walls are covered with maps, bumper stickers, license plates, political posters, and handwritten messages even on the ceiling. A seating area separate from the bar makes it perfect for families with young children to dine. In warm weather outdoor seating on the restaurant’s west side invites customers to enjoy the fresh air.


We usually order a pizza but only if we have at least an hour to sit there because preparation takes approximately 30 minutes. Each time we have ordered a pizza our waiter mentioned this to make sure we knew the length of time it will take. The pizzas are always worth the wait! I love the crusts– this is usually the main factor for me with a pizza, I don’t know why. Plenty of toppings and cheese too. Yum!


Over the years we have also ordered sandwiches and appetizers at Mad Anthony’s. The only type of food we have yet to try is a dessert, but we’re always so stuffed from Mad Anthony’s great entrees, we have no room left for more!


Prices are really reasonable. We ordered a 10-inch pizza, cheese curds appetizer, tilapia sandwich and one cola drink. Cost: $33.00. It was too much food so we had it boxed up and we plan to eat leftovers today.


Service has always been good. When we asked for directions to a destination across town, our waiter came back twice to provide details.


Another time my mother who uses a walker maneuvered easily across the floor and had plenty of room when seated which was helpful. We don’t find those factors at every dining establishment. Mad Anthony’s is a fun, delicious, reasonably-priced place to eat in Fort Wayne. Try it with friends or family.


2002 Broadway
Fort Wayne, IN  46802
(260) 426-2537


 Serves: Gourmet pizza, pasta, salads, sandwiches, and munchies. Live entertainment, family dining, carryout and catering. Also, in Auburn, Warsaw and Elkhart. Sunday carryout Fort Wayne only.


The End