Medusa Visits Bluffton Elementary School!

When a principal at a school asks you to attend because she believes in you and your books, it’s really an honor. Julie Meitzler, principal of Bluffton Elementary School sent me a request earlier this year, saying that she had contacted teachers in her school with the recommendation that they invite me to visit their... Continue Reading →

Make Flower for Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift!

This craft is quick, inexpensive, pretty --and fun to make! Young children may need a little help but they will love to present these flowers to a loved one! The world's largest flower-- Rafflesia Arnoldii-- is indigenous to Indonesia, hence I included it in my book, Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia. This flower also... Continue Reading →

Southern Wells Elementary School Hosts Medusa!

Great kids, beautiful building, friendly staff—Southern Wells Elementary School has it all! After receiving an invite from Laura McKinney to speak to her second graders, I gladly accepted (Thanks Tricia Tucker for the recommendation!)! I walked into their group with my Medusa costume which you can see here. By the time this photo was taken,... Continue Reading →

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