Seabee Brings Christmas to Overseas Troops

During the early 1940s, Ivan Detwiler attended North Side High School in Fort Wayne. His family, like many, had little money. In September 1943, Detwiler quit school to enlist in the Navy. He was 16 years old. While stationed in Japan in December 1945, Detwiler wired a 50-foot fir tree for lights. “It was the... Continue Reading →

Mark Lowry Mixes Laughter and Christian Message

One of the privileges of writing stories for newspapers is the opportunity to interview celebrities. I’ve posted some of those stories here including Red Green from the Red Green Show and Bill and Gloria Gaither. Mark Lowry is another person I was thrilled to talk to via phone. He was on tour with a concert... Continue Reading →

A Story on Forgiveness

John Kremer featured my guest post on his book marketing blog today. He features many authors at this site, all with valuable lessons about writing and promotion. Contact Mr. Kremer about signing up for his blog. John Kremer Read my post below. ** Guest post by Kayleen Reusser In 1989 a 10-minute incident with a... Continue Reading →

Manger of Grace

                                                                                            This devotion was written as a skit for a seasonal religious publication. Writers train themselves to be observant of the world around them. This is especially true of seasons and celebrations. Editors are always on the lookout for meaningful expressions of sentiment for holidays like Christmas. This was inspired by a sermon heard at... Continue Reading →

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