Get a Massage with a Friend for Your Health

“It’s a calling, not just a living,” said Hollie Merchant, licensed massage therapist and owner of Blue Valley Massage in Sugar Grove, Ohio. “Giving massages is not something that is taught in school. It’s a gift either you have or you don’t have.”   Merchant opened her business as the sole owner and employee in... Continue Reading →

Testimonies of Long-Term Marriages

My husband, John, and I recently celebrated 32 years of marriage together. This article which I wrote for Lookout Magazine describes the long-term marriages of people we’ve known who have reflected Godly patience while living together. I post it here with hopes it will help other couples stay married. I just wish I had photos... Continue Reading →

Eugene Dettmer Served at Utah Beach

This summer I've interviewed dozens of WWII vets. My goal is to write their stories and publish them in volumes according to where each lives (county). What a privilege to talk with each of them! They were all humble and still harbor a deep love for this country. Hopefully, future generations will read these stories... Continue Reading →

Fulbright Scholar Lauren Petersen Completes Year in Poland

    “Europe is this huge melting pot of cultures,” said 2007 Bluffton High School graduate Lauren Petersen. “That’s what I wanted to experience as a Fulbright Scholar. I wanted to be immersed in something completely new.”   In June Petersen returned from a year spent as a Fulbright Scholar teaching English to students at... Continue Reading →

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