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Each year I speak to hundreds of people of all ages about my interviews with 250+ WWII vets, the books I’ve written about their military experiences and my 10-day WWII Tour of Europe.

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It includes photos of Omaha Beach, foxhole used in Battle of the Bulge, Paris and Notre Dame’s lovely interior—now lost! I share how sobering it was to tour Dachau and see an actual courtroom used in the Nuremberg war trials, and more.

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I offer a number of 45-minute talks (zoom and in-person) about World War II at reasonable rates:

  • 1. World War II Tour of Europe and the Men Who Fought There. American farm boys found the courage and fortitude to fight the enemy at Omaha Beach, Paris, Dachau, Nuremberg, Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest and more. I combine my photos of these locales based on my WWII Tour of Europe with quotes from veterans who served there.
  •  Soldiers learn to dig foxholes in the US before heading overseas to battle.
  • 2. Those Plucky Women of World War II – Females were needed to enlist in various military branches, but not everyone believed they deserved to wear uniforms. Learn about females who volunteered as pilots, cryptographers, nurses and more, serving in the Army Air Corps, Navy, Army and Coast Guard. This talk complements my new Women of WWII Coloring Book.
    Women of WWII Coloring Book

Margaret ‘Maggie’ Ray Ringenberg served as a WASP (Women’s Air Service Pilots) in WWII.

  • 3. Captured! American WWII Prisoners of War – Eight men who spent time as captives of German and Japanese forces are profiled from interviews and a hand-written narrative. They include airmen shot down from burning planes, sailors rescued from sinking ships and an Army soldier who escaped from the Bataan Death March only to be re-captured and forced into slave labor in the Philippines and Japanese coal mines. Note: This talk complements my book, Captured! Stories of American WWII Prisoners of War.
      Bill Ingram survived the sinking of the USS Houston — only to be captured by the Japanese.
Captured! Stories of American World War II Prisoners of War
  • 4. The Longest Day—June 6, 1944: The world’s largest amphibious invasion took place on June 6, 1944. More than 150,000 Allies put boots on the ground of Normandy, France, in an effort to end the war in Europe. Photos of the various beaches at Normandy are included, as well as quotes from men who served at this historic event. This talk complements my book, D-Day: Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen Tell about Normandy.  

 Gene Cogan served as a scout in the US Army on Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944.

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You’re located outside of the US — say, in Australia or England? No problem!

The magic of zoom makes so many things possible! I’m happy to work with groups around the world.

Contact me at for more information about booking an event.

Here are a couple of recommendations:

“In honor of Veterans Day (November 11), our library system invited author Kayleen Reusser to present. She shared stories about her visits to Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg and showed photos of sites, including Omaha Beach, Paris, Nuremberg. In addition, she shared statements from World War II veterans who were there. It was an amazing presentation! If you are looking for a presenter, she would be a great addition to your programming schedule.”  Renee, librarian from Virginia.


Recommendation from Robert Wearley, Ret. USAF Lt. Col; Former Chief Pilot for Howard Hughes Personal Fleet of Aircraft: “Kayleen Reusser offers accurate historical information in an entertaining way for audiences.”

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    1. Wow, another good question! How many books have I signed? I signed 2 today after speaking to 80 4th graders so we’ll count those. Have you read my books yet? Hope so. We can talk more at school. See you soon!

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