Actress and singer Vickie Fuller-Kibellus

According to Markle resident Vickie Fuller-Kibellus, she began singing professionally at age two. “I sang at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Uniondale where my family still attends,” she said. As a student at Norwell High School (NHS), Fuller-Kibellus joined all of the choirs and plays, a practice she continued at Huntington College. Surprisingly, Fuller-Kibellus chose... Continue Reading →

Interview on Stitches of Hope

On Tues, Dec 28, 2010, at 10:00 am ET national speaker and author of Finding Hope for Your Journey through Breast Cancer Yvonne Ortega will interview me about the volunteer group Stitches of Hope. This will happen on blog radio Since 2008, this group of volunteers has created and distributed beautiful handmade crocheted and knitted caps and sewn turbans... Continue Reading →

Debbie Macomber- famed novelist & philanthropist

My mother and I have enjoyed reading dozens of books by famed romance novelist Debbie Macomber for many years. I found my first book by Debbie in a library in Port St. Lucie, Florida, in 1990. It had the word “Angel” in the title—that’s all I remember about the title, but I was hooked. I’ve... Continue Reading →

Radio interview of Indonesian craft/recipe book

Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia Selamat datang! Welcome to the land of Indonesia! After my daughter, Amanda, moved to Indonesia to teach in 2008, she began bringing home beautiful crafts from this country in Southeast Asia. She also cooked delicious recipes of food dishes that are eaten in Indonesia. When my children’s book editor... Continue Reading →

Aldon Bultemeier—Volunteer of the Year

 A writer trains herself to keep her ears open. This profile occurred when a friend who I had written a newspaper story about told me of a public TV program he hosted. Aldon Bultemeier worked on the program. My friend emphasized Aldon’s generosity in using every spare minute to help others. As a writer, I... Continue Reading →

Carolynn Settle – Nursing, not retirement, suits her

Carolynn Settle, 71, enjoys her late-in-life profession of nursing I’ve known Carolynn Settle for most of my life. Her kids are my age and became some of our best friends when we switched to the First Church of Christ in Bluffton when I turned age 13. Carolynn is a great example of kindness and steadfastness.... Continue Reading →

Manger of Grace

                                                                                            This devotion was written as a skit for a seasonal religious publication. Writers train themselves to be observant of the world around them. This is especially true of seasons and celebrations. Editors are always on the lookout for meaningful expressions of sentiment for holidays like Christmas. This was inspired by a sermon heard at... Continue Reading →

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