Interview on Stitches of Hope

This child is wearing a cap created by a Stitches of Hope volunteer

On Tues, Dec 28, 2010, at 10:00 am ET national speaker and author of Finding Hope for Your Journey through Breast Cancer Yvonne Ortega will interview me about the volunteer group Stitches of Hope.

This will happen on blog radio

Since 2008, this group of volunteers has created and distributed beautiful handmade crocheted and knitted caps and sewn turbans which are distributed throughout the U.S.A. to people with cancer. Each month a dozen or so volunteers collect the caps at our monthly Stitches of Hope meetings. I then mail them to cancer treatment facilities in dozens of states.

The caps are for men, women and children. Thus far, our group has distributed more than 5,000 caps at no charge to people in treatment for cancer.

Our goal is to recruit new volunteers and to continue sending caps to as many people as possible. We want every person facing cancer treatment to feel warm, comfortable and attractive while wearing our caps.

Stitches of Hope monthly meeting

You can learn more about Stitches of Hope at Please tune in to the interview to hear thank you notes from recipients of the Stitches of Hope caps.

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