Tribute to WWII Vets Who Died in 2020

Bill Sawyer, an Army medic in the Aleutians during WWII, and my husband, John -- Air Force vet -- bonded during #Honor Flight of Northeast Indiana in 2016. Each January I honor World War II veterans with stories in my books who lost their lives the previous year. This particular list is significant because these... Continue Reading →

Excerpt from Upcoming Release of “Battle of the Bulge”

John & Kayleen Reusser stand in foxhole in Belgium used by soldiers in the Battle of the Bulge. Over the past 10 years, I’ve interviewed 260+ American World War II veterans. Dozens have spoken of the bitter battle fought between Allied and German forces in the Ardennes Forest of Belgium beginning December 16, 1944 through... Continue Reading →

New Books Have Arrived!

Ten-thousand-foot peaks filled Bob Kreider's vision. Carefully he reset the big plane, chomping his gum nervously. Were enemy forces below waiting for them to crash? Suddenly, anti-aircraft fire split the air. Shells punctured the plane’s bottom. Many were flattened by one-half-inch pieces of steel crew members had placed under their seats. One wing received damage from ground fire, but Kreider managed to maneuver the plane out of the valley and away from the enemy. He was glad they were not transporting wounded.

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Vet & the Marine Corps!

My husband received this beautiful American flag at his retirement at the 122nd Fighter Wing in Ft Wayne, IN. My daughters & I attended the event. Today, my husband John celebrates a birthday! He is my favorite veteran (Air Force) and introduced me to military life as a spouse and later as a mother of... Continue Reading →

Tribute to Bill Sawyer- Medic in Aleutians WWII

Bill Sawyer served as an Army medic in the Aleutians during the war. One blessing from my interviews with 260 World War II veterans is not only meeting a great group of people, but sometimes finding great friends among them. The easiest ones to get to know are those within our local community since this... Continue Reading →

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