Do you look for miracles in life?

Every Sunday I post a devotion that reflects my belief in God and His place as Lord of my life as a Christian.


And when Peter came to himself, he said, “Now I know for sure that the Lord has sent forth His angel and rescued me from the hand of Herod and from all that the Jewish people were expecting.” (Acts 12:11 New American Standard Bible)


Peter wasn’t expecting a miracle, but he got one that saved his life. Situations don’t always happen the way we want them, but we need to believe God is working everything for His glory. If and when His plan is revealed to us, we can thank Him for making it happen.


Last week, my neighbor was despairing over his recent diagnosis of a debilitating disease. If he couldn’t work, he couldn’t make a house payment. Our families prayed together. The next day, he received an unexpected check in the mail, enough to make two house payments! God makes miracles!


Recently, a friend confided that he needed a drummer for his Christian band. Being a non-musical person, I couldn’t recommend anyone. In fact, the only – and best – thing I could do was pray for his need, which I did. The next morning my sister emailed me. In the message she mentioned the talents of a mutual friend: “Did you know Rui plays bongos?” I hadn’t known. After a flurry of emails, the two musicians connected. God makes miracles!


God, sometimes we don’t expect enough good things from you. Help us to continue to believe in your goodness and power. Amen.

What miracle do you need from God today?

Big Time Rush Fan Loves New Book!


The popular Nickelodeon singing group Big Time Rush was a fun book to write. My objective in writing biographies for children is to only write about people who are good role models. Everything I researched about them showed them to be good role models.


I admit, I like to laugh at silly innocent things like pies in the face. The Big Time Rush show on Nickelodeon made me laugh—A LOT! With so much nasty humor on TV nowadays, it was refreshing to see a group of young guys who cared enough about kids to provide funny plots and comical facial expressions.


Their singing is great too! They have traveled the world on tours for several years and won many awards.


On a personal basis here’s what one of my young reviewers thinks of this book:


I would recommend (the book) Big Time Rush by Kayleen Reusser. It will tell you things you never knew about them. I like how it told you about where they were born and how they got the group. I have always wanted to know that.



Read the book for yourself and learn more about this fun-loving group. If your library does not own it, please ask your librarian to order it from Purple Toad Publishing



What is your favorite song by Big Time Rush or any singer?



Bluffton-Harrison Middle School Eighth Graders Learn Writing Tips


It’s a thrilling opportunity to spend time talking to students about writing. Recently, the 8th grade Language Arts teacher at Bluffton Middle School where I work, Cathy Micklitsch, invited me to speak to her students about the subject of writing and my writing career.



 Caption: My new book from Purple Toad Publishing: biography of popular singing group and Nickelodeon comedy show, Big Time Rush

I spent the day with her classes, showing them my 11 books and website and answering questions about what it takes to be a persevering writer and author. Here are my 2 newest books published by Purple Toad Publishing.


I told the students the training they’re receiving in school with due dates for assignments and listening to what teachers want included are all important for writers.


“I could not continue with my writing career if I did not meet deadlines or if I plagiarized or failed to include all relevant data,” I said. “That training will enable you to succeed no matter what career you choose.”


As ISTEP testing was looming the following week, I encouraged them to strengthen their essay writing skills by reading Chicken Soup for the Soul stories. As the author of five stories published in Chicken Soup books, I’ve begun mastering the art of opening with a strong lead and getting right to the point of the story, then wrapping it up.



 Caption: I sold several stories to anthologies before writing my own books. 

Bonus: Chicken Soup has several titles that pertain to teens, including one I wrote called ‘Teens Talk… Getting in to College.’ My story, ‘Endings and Beginnings’ relates my struggle when our son pursued being accepted into a military service academy.  


At the end of the day I was exhilarated but tired —I didn’t know talking all day was so exhausting! It was well worth it. My goal was to encourage students to give more attention to the skill of writing and to consider it for a career. I think it may have happened as some students mentioned they were writing books now. Yay!


Caption: Mrs. Micklitsch is a fantastic teacher who inspires her students to excel.

Mrs. Micklitsch was kind enough to put some of her thoughts together about the day which are included here unedited:


“Thank you so much for spending the day talking to my 8th grade students about writing.  We really enjoyed listening to your experiences that you turned into articles that you were able to publish.  


What a wonderful way for my students to see that writing is something that can be more than just an assignment on a test for a grade.  


I know that you touched several students showing them that their own writing can be rewarding in many ways.


You entertained, informed and educated everyone in the room.  


I look forward to asking you back to my room next year, what I shame that I never invited you and your wealth of experience into my classroom before. Shame on me!   Thanks so much for your time and wisdom.”



Teachers, could you use an author to speak to your students? I’d love to touch more lives about writing. Contact me at xxxkjreusser@adamswells.comxxx (remove the X’s there to prevent spam)

Want to get students to read? Invite Medusa!

OES Meyer Em 04-14DSCN2981OES Meyer Em 04-14 Hades

I’m not too proud to pull out all of the stops to inspire kids to read. That includes wearing a head full of snakes—rubber snakes, that is!

As the author of 3 books on Greek gods – Hades, Hephaestus, Hermes, I’ve decided to create one of the creepiest characters in Greek mythology to tell kids about them—Medusa!

Her story of having a passel of snakes instead of hair always made me cringe. That’s just the reaction I’m hoping for from kids because I know they’re listening and they love creepy things!

It took 2 hours to sew 12 or so rubber snakes to a black skull cap but worth every minute as I talked with fourth graders last week at Ossian Elementary School for Young Author Day. Wearing a peach-colored flowing gown my beloved mother-in-law wore at our wedding, I talked in a what-else-but-creepy voice to the classes of Emilie Meyer and Beth Mallery.

Their kids were attentive and interested and it was a joy to speak to them.

I felt right at home with my snake hair as the teachers had also dressed up as book characters. Ms. Meyer was Pinkalicious which also looked pretty.

I’m available to introduce my 11 books to students at schools, libraries, groups, even Skype visits would work!

Please contact me xxxkjreusser@adamswells.comxxx (remove the X’s which are put there to evade Spammers)

What are you doing to inspire your child/student to read? Nothing is more important to their success in life than the ability to read!

Middle Schooler Loves Reading about Greek God Hades!

Frank Ava 02-14
When I spotted Ava, a 7th grader at my school, reading my book on the Greek god Hades, I asked her
a) if she liked the book (Yes!)

b) if she would take a form to her parent to sign which would give me permission to take a photo of her reading my book and post it on my blog.

She agreed, her parent signed the form and here is a photo of Ava reading the book! I appreciated Ava’s and her family’s support for allowing us to work together to tell more people about my book on Hades, published by Mitchell Lane.

Hades, as most of you will know, was ruler of the Underworld in Greek mythology. He was not well-liked by the other gods, but Hades generally did well in ruling the land of the Dead.

After reading the book, Ava made this observation about the stories of Hades: “It was interesting to learn that since Hades was the third child that he got the Underworld to rule.”

The stories created by the Greek people are interesting, complex and sometimes outlandish! They have kept people intrigued for thousands of years.

If you’ve never read a book of Greek mythology, please check out this book on Hades and my other Greek gods titles: Hephaestus (god of the forge) + Hermes (god of thieves).

If you are a Greek mythology fan, which Greek god is your favorite? Why?

I hope you have fun!
Take care,

New Children’s Books Promote Health & Good Role Models

Cuba cover--GOOD

Big Time Rush is a popular singing group with a comedy show on Nickelodeon channel

Big Time Rush is a popular singing group with a comedy show on Nickelodeon channel

For the past several months I’ve worked with a new children’s book publisher, Purple Toad Publishing ( The editor, Cynthia Cope, is great! She replies to my emails and is friendly and pays promptly—something every writer enjoys!

Better yet, she has assigned me to write two Middle Grade books for her company that were recently published. I’m so excited about both of them! The first was a biography of Big Time Rush, the wildly popular boy band with a hit TV show on Nickelodeon channel. These boys are not only cute but funny and talented! I think they’re great role models and look forward to promoting their music via this book.

The Big Time Rush book, part of a series called Beacon Biography, has beautiful full-color photos of the group with interesting text that tells how the group got started. Did you know which member of Big Time Rush won a part in a Super Soaker water gun commercial which helped him decide on a career in show business? I’ll post the answer here in a few days. Watch for it!


My second book to be released from Purple Toad Publishing is Now You’re Cooking: Cuba. Talk about food to make a person hungry just by reading about them! These 10 recipes are healthy, affordable and fun to make!
They include traditional dishes like Arroz con Pollo and some not-so-traditional dishes like Praline Coffee Soufflé. Yum! The layout in this book is so attractive that women have purchased it, even though it is written for kids in grades 4-8. Go for it, Grown-ups!

Both of my Purple Toad Publishing books are also available as EBooks. Hurray!

Here’s specific information for purchasing:

Big Time Rush
ISBN 10 digit ISBN: 1624690105
ISBN 13-digit ISBN: 9781624690105

EBook 10-digit ISBN: 1624690297
EBook 13-digit ISBN: 9781624690297
Big Time Rush is offered as part of a 7-book series.

Now You’re Cooking! Healthy Recipes from Latin America: Cuba
Cuba ISBN: 9781624690402
Cuba EBook ISBN: 9781624690419
Cuba is offered as part of a 4-book series.
Both are library-bound, 32-page, full-color and published by Purple Toad Publishing

I’m lining up speaking engagements, cooking demos, and book talks now about my 11 books. Please contact me at xxxkjreusser@adamswells.comxxx (delete the x’s which were added to minimize spam). I can do talks on my 3 Greek gods books (Hades, Hephaestus, Hermes), the importance of volunteering (Celebrities Giving Back); crafts & recipes from the country of Indonesia (Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia) and the importance of setting goals, featuring biographies of Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Leona Lewis.

Now a question for you. What children’s book would you want to read or see in print? I’m anxious to read all of your responses and may pass them to Cynthia for a future assignment!