Middle Schooler Loves Reading about Greek God Hades!

Frank Ava 02-14
When I spotted Ava, a 7th grader at my school, reading my book on the Greek god Hades, I asked her
a) if she liked the book (Yes!)

b) if she would take a form to her parent to sign which would give me permission to take a photo of her reading my book and post it on my blog.

She agreed, her parent signed the form and here is a photo of Ava reading the book! I appreciated Ava’s and her family’s support for allowing us to work together to tell more people about my book on Hades, published by Mitchell Lane.

Hades, as most of you will know, was ruler of the Underworld in Greek mythology. He was not well-liked by the other gods, but Hades generally did well in ruling the land of the Dead.

After reading the book, Ava made this observation about the stories of Hades: “It was interesting to learn that since Hades was the third child that he got the Underworld to rule.”

The stories created by the Greek people are interesting, complex and sometimes outlandish! They have kept people intrigued for thousands of years.

If you’ve never read a book of Greek mythology, please check out this book on Hades and my other Greek gods titles: Hephaestus (god of the forge) + Hermes (god of thieves).

If you are a Greek mythology fan, which Greek god is your favorite? Why?

I hope you have fun!
Take care,

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