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Kayleen Reusser is a proud Air Force wife and mother who believes in supporting her country with her writing. This is especially true of military veterans and in particular, World War II veterans. Reusser has dedicated her 30-year writing career to writing stories of the 260 World War veterans she has interviewed. As a result, many of their stories have been told for the first time.

Kayleen Reusser is pictured with Lorraine Hook Davis who served in the US Coast Guard as a SPAR during WWII. Davis’ story is included in Reusser’s book, They Did It for Honor: Stories of American WWII Veterans.


Amazon Review for Captured! Stories of American World War II Prisoners of War: “I read each of Kayleen Reusser’s WWII books. She is a masterful WWII veteran interviewer and storyteller. I expected this new release to be equally interesting. It was more. There is no doubt in my mind it is Kayleen Reusser’s best yet.” — Harold Wolf


Reusser’s respect and determination to promote the efforts of World War II veterans has inspired her to write nearly a dozen books. Her stories have appeared in magazines and newspapers.

Each year, she speaks to dozens of groups around the nation through in-person and now virtual events, about ‘The Greatest Generation.’

Reusser giving a talk to the Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana on how to interview military veterans in 2019.


Reusser has developed a variety of zoom and in-person talks for various occasions, which she has delivered across the nation. (See Speaking page)

A 3-minute snippet of Kayleen Reusser’s World War II Tour of Europe talk of being on Omaha Beach.


“On behalf of the Burke Historical Society, thank you for your excellent presentation!  We greatly enjoyed hearing about your work and your travels, and your talk was very skillfully balanced between vivid descriptions of the places you visited, lucid accounts of the overall war and its aftermath, and moving personal anecdotes both of your own and of the veterans you interviewed. Your photographs were just as engaging.”


Fairfax, VA


In Reusser’s live, one-hour talks she delivers tales of self-sacrifice, loyalty, humor, danger, fear and adventure. She customizes the talks, when appropriate, by highlighting veterans who lived in the area.

With the publication of several books Reusser hosted book launch events in which WWII vets featured in the volume were invited as guests of honor. We Gave Our Best: American WWII Veterans Tell Their Stories is Book 3 in the WWII Legacies series. See Books page for additional volumes.

Whether her audience is with libraries, church and civic groups, Reusser brings a passion and energy for history and national pride to all.

Reusser presents a number of virtual talks, including the popular ‘WWII Tour of Europe‘. Each talk includes photos taken by her. Her talks are unique in that they are interspersed with comments made by vets who served there.

If you believe the United States is a great nation that has been built on the sacrifices of amazing people — And if you want to hear more about their service in WWII — contact Kayleen Reusser today!

Reusser’s books are available on Amazon. Bulk and/or personalized copies are available from the author at

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  1. Kayleen Reusser did a fabulous job sharing with my 4th grade students. Her enthusiasm for learning, and her content knowledge (related to her published books) captured my students’ interests. They especially loved the Greek myths and her Medusa wig. Her message of education’s importance and the joy of reading and writing was obvious and infectious. Thanks again, Kayleen, for sharing.

  2. Kayleen did a wonderful job today talking with the BHS book club about the writing process. Even though her books are geared more to lower level grades, the process is still the same. We only had 25 minutes and I wished we could have had twice that much to allow her to talk more about using iPads and also to give the students more time for questions. Great job, Kayleen!!

    1. Thanks Terri! It’s a privilege to speak to high school students about my love for writing. Maybe I could return sometime to answer those questions and show my book trailers!

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