“Thanks, Kayleen, for the great article.  I love it when everything in the article is correct and nothing is misquoted.  That doesn’t happen very often!  Thanks for making it happen which is the result of your being an excellent journalist.


Char Binkley, former director of WBCL Radio


I very much appreciated the story you did about my teaching career and philosophies.  There were many positive comments from the teachers at Norwell Middle School.  It is a privilege for me to have the story and photo posted on the Blog page of your website.  I will be referring family and friends to your website!

Bob Milton, teacher at Norwell Middle School


July 2011


We really enjoyed watching your program on Indonesia. It was a fun and informative evening. Please let your daughter know that we also really appreciated hearing her fist hand accounts of life in Indonesia!”

Leah Baumgartner

Serials Clerk, Wells County Public Library


“I can’t thank you and Mandy enough for doing the presentation last night.  I can’t believe we already have thank you notes!!!  We should be writing YOU and Mandy thank you notes.  You both did a fantastic job!  I felt like this was a great introduction to a new culture for our kids.  It was a great chance for the kids to learn about another part of the world and another culture.  It looked like all the kids had a fantastic time.  I was really impressed with how many of the kids were willing to try the Indonesian avocado juice and the other unique snacks you brought.  It was a unique opportunity for everyone who came to the program.”

Jennifer Martin

Wells County Public Library /Young Adult librarian

Bluffton, IN


“Thank you again for such a fun (and informative) program.  Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.  You always do such a good job of connecting with the teens!”
Cathy Lambert, Allen County Public Library Young Adult Librarian, June 2011.
Thank you for coming in and talking with us.  The presentation was inspirational to some of my students.  They were so impressed. It’s hard for them to connect to authors (with a picture only, of the author, in the back of their book).  They have made that connection with you.

 Here are a few of their comments:

  *Mrs. Reusser lives right here in Bluffton.  Why not Hollywood.
  *She (Mrs. Reusser) knows lots of information about famous people.  She must be friends with them all.
*Mrs. Reusser was so good.  I want to be a writer just like her when I get that old.
  *Mrs. Reusser was great.  I bet she writes all the time even when she works.
  *If I write with my daughter someday, I hope she lives in Hawaii.  (Mrs. Reusser writes with her daughter).
Mac Hedges
Fourth grade teacher
Lancaster Central Elementary School
Ossian IN
March 2011


The third grade class at Ossian Elementary LOVED having Mrs. Reusser visit us to talk about the books she had written.  My class really wanted to read her books so I checked them out of the Bluffton branch of the library and they are reading them now. All of the books were not in so we are waiting to read those when they are returned to the library.  We only wished that we had more copies so that all of the class could read them.
Judy Harkless,
Third Grade Teacher
March 2011


“The children in my classroom were enthralled with Kayleen and her published books! Three of my students went to the Bluffton Library that night and checked out her books. They are now in the process of writing their own book. Thanks for adding such excitement to our author study! We can’t wait for the next book!”

Lyn Rodgers

Grade 2 Classroom Teacher

Lancaster Central Elementary

Bluffton, IN

March 2011


“Your talk was very inspiring. As I watched the faces of those in attendance (22 in all, from toddler to older adults) I could tell you relate well to all ages. Aside from the specific information you gave about the writing/getting published process, I found you to be an excellent motivational speaker. I know this both from feedback and for myself personally… You are a great example of a person who has set a goal and taken steps to achieve it. You need to keep telling your story! We plan to have you return to discuss future books.”

~ Cathy Lambert, Young Adult Librarian at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, IN

June 2010


“Hey Kay I just wanted to tell you thanks so much for the article in the paper.  That was so awesome and I can’t believe it made the front page!  You are so talented in your writing and thanks for even considering my boys to write about.  You rock love ya.”

~ 6/8/10 Diane Cornett, youth minister at First Church of Christ in Bluffton, IN


“Hi Kayleen,

I just wanted to compliment you on what a great article you wrote on Scheryl and Mary for the Sun Riser. You did a super job and we appreciated you working with us!”

~ 6/7/10 Camille Garrison, Marketing Director, Kingston Healthcare


 “Thanks for such a great article!”

~ Stephany Bourne, principal of Indian Village Elementary School– 2010


If you need a motivational speaker, story, or other writing project completed, please visit my Speaking page for information on how to contact me.

5 thoughts on “Testimonials

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  1. Kayleen Reusser did a fabulous job sharing with my 4th grade students. Her enthusiasm for learning, and her content knowledge (related to her published books) captured my students’ interests. They especially loved the Greek myths and her Medusa wig. Her message of education’s importance and the joy of reading and writing was obvious and infectious. Thanks again, Kayleen, for sharing.

  2. Kayleen did a wonderful job today talking with the BHS book club about the writing process. Even though her books are geared more to lower level grades, the process is still the same. We only had 25 minutes and I wished we could have had twice that much to allow her to talk more about using iPads and also to give the students more time for questions. Great job, Kayleen!!

    1. Thanks Terri! It’s a privilege to speak to high school students about my love for writing. Maybe I could return sometime to answer those questions and show my book trailers!

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