Guest Speaking for Michelle Medlock Adams at Taylor University

Most writers owe their success/ progress to another writer or two. I could list several from the former Fort Wayne Christian Writing Club who helped me get started writing—Jim Watkins, Linda Wade, Rosa Liston, to name a few. They patiently helped me learn the ins/outs of how to create something editors would want to publish.... Continue Reading →

Hannah enjoys reading books about Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez

My sweet friend Hannah wanted me to show everyone how much she liked reading my books.   Here she is holding my biographies on Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. I’ve written another book on Taylor Swift. The one Hannah is holding is written for grades 1-3. It has gorgeous full color photos on each page... Continue Reading →

Speaking to Mothers/Daughters Banquet at Zion United Methodist Church

I recently spoke at Zion United Methodist church’s Mother/Daughter banquet. This church is located on Fort Wayne’s west side. It was a small intimate group of ladies of all ages. Everyone was friendly and I had a wonderful time! The men of the church served us a delicious meal. They asked me to speak about... Continue Reading →

My Publishing Story as told to John Kremer

Today I have the honor of being featured on John Kremer’s blog. Mr. Kremer is the guru of book marketing. I’ve read his blog on this subject for years and have implemented many of his ideas to market my nine non-fiction children’s books. My particular post is titled: Book Marketing Makeover: How One Author Got... Continue Reading →

I was the keynote speaker at the Canterbury Book Fair

The third grade class taught by Nancy Vacanti listened as I talked with them about writing children’s books. The second grade class taught by Tom Meyers asked questions about my children’s books. The Bistro lunch included approximately 100 parents and educators. This has been a fantastic week! On Wed. I was the keynote speaker at... Continue Reading →

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