I was the keynote speaker at the Canterbury Book Fair

Victoria Gray, daughter of friend Laurie Gray, likes to read my biography on Taylor Swift.
The third grade class taught by Nancy Vacanti listened as I talked with them about writing children’s books.
The second grade class taught by Tom Meyers asked questions about my children’s books.
The Bistro lunch included approximately 100 parents and educators.

This has been a fantastic week! On Wed. I was the keynote speaker at the Canterbury Book Fair in Fort Wayne. I spoke to a group of parents and educators at the Bistro lunch,  then I spoke to second and third grade classes at the school.

I have to say, this is probably the biggest book fair in the state of Indiana, if not the Midwest.

It was a 3-day event with opportunities for students, relatives, and the public to come inside and shop for quality books for kids of all ages. My speech mentioned my nine children’s books and several were sold at the fair. It was a great experience and I’m posting photos to share with all of you.

I’m available for book talks in schools and other settings. Please contact me for more information. wwwkjreusser@adamswells.comxxx  (remove the x’s)

Two other special writing events occurred to me this week which I’ll post soon.

Have a Happy Resurrection Sunday!

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