Owner Loves Her 1958 Diamond Volkswagen

 Kathy Mohler of Bluffton, Indiana, likes Beetles. Specifically, she likes anything made by the Volkswagen Company 1957-1961. Mohler grew up in a family that worked on cars. She and her brother, Terry Webber, learned how to rebuild engines from watching their father, Don Webber, when the family lived in Fort Wayne. “I was my dad’s other... Continue Reading →

Les Claghorn Races His 1967 Nova

“It’s always been speed for me,”  said Les Claghorn of Bluffton. Claghorn owns a 1967 Nova he purchased in 1991 from a man in Pennville, Indiana. “It was an old race car,” said Claghorn. Claghorn had owned a 1967 Nova in high school. Perhaps in memory of his and the car’s younger days, he converted... Continue Reading →

Indians, Stagecoaches and a Caddy! Oh my!

In honor of the summer season when more people are taking vacations and exploring, I’ve posted a travel article I wrote about one of my favorite museums: The Miami County Museum in Peru, Indiana. This is the type of museum that makes you feel at home. But don't think it’s full of small-town stuff! There’s... Continue Reading →

Stan Geisel loves his 1977 Triumph Spitfire

A garage sale introduced Stan Geisel to his 1977 Triumph Spitfire in 2001. The British-made car had a ‘For Sale’ sign propped in its windshield. Geisel was shopping for a motorcycle. When he saw the 2-seater in a friend’s yard, he noticed it needed new brakes, interior, and convertible top. The body was clean and... Continue Reading →

Roger Byers and his Classic Car Collection

In the past couple of years I’ve written profiles of classic car owners for a publication called Indiana Autos and RV’s Magazine. It’s been fun interviewing car owners. I love to hear how much the car owners have enjoyed finding the car of their dreams and then restoring them. I’m looking for more stories. Do... Continue Reading →

Author Promotes Book of James Dean’s hometown and early life

Are you an American movie history buff? Does East of Eden, Giant, and Rebel Without a Cause starring 1950s Hollywood icon James Dean rank among your favorite films?   The book Images of America: Fairmount contains never-before- published photos of Dean, whose hometown was Fairmount, Indiana.   The book was written by Cathy Duling Shouse... Continue Reading →

Family shows love through car restoration

This is a sweet story about Kenny Edwards and what his family did for him one Father's Day. This story appeared in the Summer issue of Senior Living, pub'd by the Bluffton News-Banner.   Kenny Edwards of Zanesville always wanted an antique car. “I was not loyal,” he said. “Any kind of old car would... Continue Reading →

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