Funeral of a Soldier

After 3 weeks of searching for family to claim Mr. Beavers’ body for burial, no one came forward. The Allen County coroner finally gave up. Thankfully, a local funeral home offered to conduct a funeral for Mr. Beavers and invited the public to attend to show their respect for him and his service. Estimates of possibly (I'd say probably) more than 1,000 people – many from out of state—were there.

Interview with Navy vet; thanks to Civil Air Patrol

What have you done today to brighten someone’s day? I’ve decided the month of December (for once) will be filled with activities designed to bless others. A full-time job in past years kept me from helping/ volunteering/ spending time with people who needed some cheer. Through my World War II interviews, I’ve connected with many older... Continue Reading →

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