My WWII books are large print and educational for all ages — middle/high school students, Baby Boomers, history lovers, military personnel and those who want to grow their patriotism! Every book contains stories of men and women who faced danger, injuries, separation from family, loneliness, deprivation and more — all for the sake of serving their country.

New 2022 Release:

Born To Be Soldiers: Those Plucky Women of World War II (print, Kindle)

ISBN: 979-8-9855897-0-2

a Bk 1 WFW ebook
We Fought to Win: American World War II Veterans Share Their Stories — Book 1, WWII Legacies (print, Kindle
ISBN: 9781732517202 (print)

They Did It for Honor book cover
They Did It for Honor: Stories of American WWII Veterans — Book 2 , WWII Legacies (print, Kindle)
ISBN: 9781543048490
a Bk 3 WGB ebook front + ribbon
We Gave Our Best: American WWII Veterans Tell Their Stories — Book 3, WWII Legacies (print, Kindle)
ISBN: 9781720515517 (print)
We Defended Freedom: Adventures of World War II Veterans — Book 4, WWII Legacies series (print)
ISBN: 978-1-7325172-5-7
D-Day: Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen Tell about Normandy — Book 1, WWII Insider (print)
ISBN: 978-1-7325172-2-6
Battle of the Bulge: Stories From Those Who Fought and Survived — Book 2, WWII Insider (print)
It was Our War Too: Youth in the Shadows of WWII — Book 1, Witnesses of War (print, Kindle)
Captured! Stories of American World War II Prisoners of War — Book 1, Prisoners of War series (print)
ISBN: 978-1-7325172-4-0
Women of WWII Coloring Book
ISBN: 978-1732517264

Childrens books- Suggested reading for middle grades 4-8:

Emphasizes approach of STEM learning- Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
Big Ben
Emphasizes approach of STEM learning- Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
Angelina Jolie
Big Time Rush
Cuba Cookbook
Contains simple recipes
Day by day Taylor Swift
Celebrities Giving Back
Indonesia book
Contains easy crafts & recipes
Leona Lewis
Selena Gomez
Taylor Swift

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  1. Hi Kay,

    Congratulations on all the writing you’ve been able to do. It hardly seems possible that it has been 30 years since we sat in Professor Gongwer’s Spanish class together at Taylor!

    And I see you have another friend named Tim Johnson who’s commented here, as well!

    All the best as you continue honing your skill – keep it up!!


    1. Tim: Great to hear from you. Are you in Japan? Mandy loves Indonesia and will be returning there for another yr in 2011. Kudos for remembering that prof’s name! LOL
      The other Tim is a preacher we have known –and I have written about. 🙂
      Thanks for your support.

  2. Kay
    Eli really enjoyed working with you! Thanks for including him. It was a great experience. Happy writing!

    1. He’s pretty popular so that’s a good idea. Someone might already have written a book about him. Usually as soon as a person gets attn, the editor wants to do a book. Let me know of other possibilities, OK?

    1. Hesky: I’m so glad you’ve read my books! Which ones did you read? What grade are you in? Have a great day! I have to leave to help with my school’s spelling bee. Take care,

  3. I think you should write more books about the gods and goddesses. Oh, and Sense and Sensibility is good so far! 🙂

  4. I am Going through you three books on WWII. I am the Facilitator for the AGSGI as well as Indianapolis GSI Veteran Honor Rolls. Your WWI Books have given me not only new names to add to the Honor Rolls, but also additional information to update current veterans information. I look Forward to Meeting you on October 9th at the ACGSI Meeting.

    1. Thanks for your comment and support! If you’d be interested in writing book reviews for the books, I’d appreciate it. Here is the link: Reviews help more readers connect and hopefully learn about our nation’s history and strengthen their patriotism! Please introduce yourself to me on 10/9. Take care,

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