Speaking appearance at Park Elementary School

Hades is 1 of 3 books I've written on the Greek gods.

I’m thrilled to be invited to speak to the 6th grade class at Park Elementary School on February 3. our subject will be the Greek gods. My thanks to teacher David Pyle and school principal Andrea Baker for inviting me.


The students are studying Greek mythology so it should be interesting. I’ll show them my three Greek gods books on Hermes, Hades and Hephaestus and explain what makes these gods unique.

Hermes was the messenger god.

After school, I’m headed to the Fairmount Public Library to give a book talk from 3-4pm. Thanks to librarian Linda Magers for helping with this appearance!

A bio on Taylor Swift was my first book.

My nine non-fiction children’s books will be on display. These include biographies of country music singer Taylor Swift and Disney actress Selena Gomez; three books on the Greek gods; Celebrities Giving Back and Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia.

Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia contains 10 recipes/10 crafts.

Autographed copies of my books will be available for $15 each (cash only).

In celebration of my children’s book on Indonesia called Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia, I’ll distribute free candies from that country to visitors.

If you’re in the area and can stop by, please do! It should be a fun visit!

3 thoughts on “Speaking appearance at Park Elementary School

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  1. Hi Mrs. Reusser,

    You remember me right, If you’re not my name is Fayed. Anyway, I have a favor to ask you! If you can, can you please export the books to Indonesia, because some of my friend are interested with the book. At first, when they don’t know anything about your book, I tell them first about your book, WHOLE OF IT! but, the worst thing is that they want the book, and I say you guys can’t because this is Miss Mandy’s book. So, this is my favor! Can you please export the books to Indonesia, if you can?

    1. Fayed, Thanks for your comment! I’m glad you love the recipe and craft book about Indonesia and that you want more copies! I’ll talk to Miss Mandy about shipping some to your school. We may have to wait until next year for that. Will you be a student there next year? What grade are you in now? Have a great day! I have to leave to help with my school’s spelling bee. Take care,

      1. Anyway, I’m Miss Mandy’s student, I school at SPHSC which is stands for “Sekolah Pelita Harapan Sentul City”. Well, I’m glad that you will export it to Indonesia next year. Thank you and I will wait for it 🙂 😀

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