Fun day speaking in Fairmount

Speaking to 6th graders at Park El. School in Fairmount. Photo by Cathy Shouse.

Recently, I had the lovely opportunity to visit Park Elementary School in Fairmount, Indiana. I spoke to the 6th grade classes of David Pyle and Leticia Beckley at on the subject of Greek mythology, highlighting my three Greek gods books – Hades, Hephaestus, Hermes.


Next, I spoke about writing as a business to the 5th grade classes of Judy Turner and Alice Bennett. I told the groups how important it was to meet deadlines and be reliable with spelling and grammar.


Speaking to 5th graders at Park El School in Fairmount. Photo by Cathy Shouse.

They were great classes and I look forward to maybe speaking there again someday.


This was pretty exciting to see with my name on it!

Then I traveled to the Fairmount Public Library where I provided a display of Indonesian arts and crafts – and candy! One lucky teen wanted to try the bag that claimed to be some kind of seaweed candy. When she opened it, it looked as green as what you’d expect! I encouraged her to take the entire bag and she did.

Linda Magers, director of the library, was a gracious host and purchased a copy of each of my books. Find out more about this hospitable library at


Thanks to my long-time friend Cathy Shouse for suggesting the visit to her daughter Katelyn’s school and then chauffeuring me to each locale. Katelyn and her friend, Lexi, tried several Indonesian snacks and liked the crafts.

Katelyn & Lexi look at the Indonesian crafts from my book. Photo by Matt Shouse.

Cathy’s son Matt took photos at the library. Even Cathy’s husband Jim and her mother made an appearance! It was a great time meeting them, as well as patrons of the library.


I’m planning more speaking engagements to students and/or adults on the subject of writing or other. If you’d like more information, please contact me at

(take out the @’s at the beginning and end).


Take care,

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