Book talks with school children is great fun!

100 3rd graders at Ossian Elem School listened as I read excerpts from my Taylor Swift biography. Photo by Judy Harkless


On March 30, 2011, I had the great opportunity to speak to several school classes in my area about being a writer. This was a special treat because not only did I meet new friends, I was able to visit with some old friends. At Ossian Elementary School I spoke to 100 third graders about the writing process and read excerpts from my biographical book on Taylor Swift to the students. This was fun! The kids were very well behaved and listened well. Great group!

At Lancaster Central Elementary School I met some teachers who my mother used to teach with at this same school—and who were there when my own kids attended! Mac Hedges and Lyn Rodgers are dedicated teachers who love kids and teaching.

Students in Lyn Rodgers’ class prepared for my visit by writing questions on index cards.

The students in Lyn’s second grade class were prepared with written questions about what it is like being an author. I told them they were well on their way to being reporters because a good reporter is always prepared with questions! They were adorable!

Mac Hedges' 4th gr class at Lancaster Elem Sch asked me questions about what it is like being an author. Photo by Mac Hedges


The students in Mac Hedges’ fourth grade class allowed me to read excerpts from my children’s books to explain the research and discipline needed for a lengthy writing project like a book. I tried to encouraged all of the children to read as much as possible and use their imaginations to create stories of their own and write them down.

It was a fun day, one I’d like to repeat again in the future. Kids can sap you but also energize you! Who knows where the next great book will come from? It could come from one of those children who now know a real author.

If you are a teacher who would like me to visit your school, please contact me by email via the Contact page at this website.

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  1. Great job, Kay. My nephew was teacher of the year in his school district in South Bend. Call me for his name & number. Perhaps you could get an appointment for several visits in their system.

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