Father’s Day — Tribute to WWII Vet Fathers

Happy Father’s Day!

Is it any wonder I love horses with this photo of me and Dad?

It’s great to live in a country that honors its fathers. Here is one of my favorite photos of me with my dad as a little girl. I have always loved horses and I’m sure it was Dad’s influence as he spent years buying, selling horses that created that adoration.


Children of men included in my World War II books have contributed thoughts of what it was like growing up with their dads as veterans. Enjoy their comments and photos. Photos of the men as veterans and during my interviews with them, as well as the books they are featured in are included.

If your dad is/ was a veteran, thank him for his service. If he’s deceased, honor him with a flag on his grave or other way of showing respect.


Millard Schwartz and his wife.
  1. Millard Schwartz (We Fought to Win: American World War II Veterans Share Their Stories)

“Serving in the U.S. Army, European Theatre, for three years during World War II had a profound influence on my dad. His experiences were rarely discussed, probably because few family members or local friends could relate.

Millard Schwartz trained for battle with the Tennessee Manuevers.
We Fought to Win: American WWII Veterans Share Their Stories

What was often discussed and highly valued, though, were the enduring friendships and relationships he maintained with those who had served beside him and those he met later through decades of participation in the reunions and trips organized by the former members of his infantry Division.”  

Jim Schwartz (son)


Bob Shouse served as a Marine in the Pacific.

“Growing up in Indianapolis, the summers were filled with baseball, apple pie, and Dad. From little league to high school, my dad was there coaching, encouraging, and cheering me on. Great memories that will be cherished forever. A Purple Heart recipient who always took time for his kids.”

Jim Shouse (son)

Bob Shouse was the recipient of a Purple Heart for being wounded in battle.
We Defended Freedom: Adventures of WWII Veterans

Bob Shouse passed away January 17, 2021 at the age of 95.

Jim Shouse stands with his dad Bob, circa 1973.


Dale Morrissey served with the US Army in the Pacific.

“I have many happy, fond memories of my dad.  He always said he would make it to “100”, and he almost did, living a long full life up to age 91.  He had many sayings that he repeated often that make me smile when I think of him. 

We Fought to Win: American WWII Veterans Share Their Stories

One was, “a smart fox never travels the same trail twice”.  Therefore, we would often take a different route home after reaching a destination.  You would have the opportunity to see different things going home and, therefore, possibly learn something you didn’t know!

Dale Morrissey holds his shadow box of medals.

I don’t know if this saying came from his days in the Army, or if it was just his nature to “meander”.  He had many sayings, all good, but this one brings back happy thoughts, and I often find myself taking a different route home.”

Janet Morrissey Lehman (daughter)

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