Dishonest Dealings

 And he sent them to Bethlehem and said, ‘Go and make careful search for the Child; and when you have found Him, report to me that I too may come and worship him’. (Matthew 2:9, New American Standard Bible)

Beautiful poinsettias photographed by Dave Reusser

 My friend, Heather, had never shown an interest in God. I hesitated to mention my own faith since I thought might alienate her. So I wrote to a minister who lived close to her, asking him to visit her. My plan was that he would appear to “drop in” as he canvassed the neighborhood, asking people to come to church. “Remember not to mention my name,” I added. I didn’t want Heather to be mad at me for interfering in her life.


The minister refused to act on my terms, however. He pointed out in a reply letter that while he appreciated my interest in Heather’s welfare, he wondered why I wanted to remain anonymous. “Why don’t you contact Heather and tell her of your belief in God? Then ask if I can visit her and talk about her beliefs.”


After reading his reply, I realized I had been dishonest in my request. I was more concerned about my friendship with Heather than I was about her soul. Thankfully, the preacher corrected me. Herod was dishonest in his concern for the Christ child. Thankfully, his plan was foiled through God’s intervention.


Prayer: Lord, You know our hearts and why we do things. Help us to always be honest in our dealings with others so that we might show them our belief and trust in You. Amen.









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