Speaking at Norwell High School was an adventure!

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak to English students at Norwell High School. Rhonda Bower, one of the school’s English teachers, arranged my day-long visit.

Rhonda Bower teaches English to students at Norwell High School.

It was a pleasure to share the time with another speaker and real-life adventurer Paul Sell. Paul, 86, put together a great Power point presentation about his ventures into writing (he has self-published 3 fiction books about Alaska), sharing photos of his life in Alaska living with Eskimos and then working for the National Weather Service.

Paul Sell has self-published three books about living in Alaska.

He’s pretty amazing! Who else do you know has been on a whale hunt?

He has also taught himself to use his Iphone and Ipad. He’s light years ahead of me with technology!

Then I shared my experiences in teaching myself how to write and the discipline it takes to continue to generate ideas and income, the importance of meeting deadlines, being accurate, not plagiarizing, and seeking work.

I spoke to 200 or so students at Norwell High School about being a writer.

It was a fun day speaking to the 200 or so students. I’d love to do it at other schools. Do you know of a school that could use a children’s book author who could talk to students about writing? Please contact me at @@@kjreusser@adamswells.com@@@ (remove the @’s).

Happy weekend!

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  1. Authors in the classroom! A great idea! More teachers should take advantage of local people as resources. I’m sure authors would be more than happy to participate and talk about their books, so it’s a win-win situation.

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