Mark Weinert- Norwell High School teacher and world traveler

 “My philosophy is that each kid in my classes is worth my time and effort,” said Mark Weinert, biology and chemistry teacher at Norwell High School (NHS). “I give them my best attention even if I don't  feel well or they don't earn great grades.” Weinert has taught biology and chemistry at NHS since 1988.... Continue Reading →

I was the keynote speaker at the Canterbury Book Fair

The third grade class taught by Nancy Vacanti listened as I talked with them about writing children’s books. The second grade class taught by Tom Meyers asked questions about my children’s books. The Bistro lunch included approximately 100 parents and educators. This has been a fantastic week! On Wed. I was the keynote speaker at... Continue Reading →

Traveling the world is in Andrew Stuck’s blood

  For Andrew Stuck of Markle growing up as a missionary child in Ecuador meant living with what most Americans would consider primitive conditions. “Our use of electricity was hit and miss,” said Stuck. “We had a generator for backup and were miles from a supermarket. Our family traveled to Quito to stock up on... Continue Reading →

Laurie Gray, author of Summer Sanctuary

    I have the privilege of knowing Laurie Gray, award-winning author of Summer Sanctuary. This book has earned many favorable reviews. Look for this book in your library. If it is not available from your library, ask your librarian to order this book. You’ll enjoy it.  ***  Sometimes the idea for a book is right... Continue Reading →

Actress and singer Vickie Fuller-Kibellus

According to Markle resident Vickie Fuller-Kibellus, she began singing professionally at age two. “I sang at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Uniondale where my family still attends,” she said. As a student at Norwell High School (NHS), Fuller-Kibellus joined all of the choirs and plays, a practice she continued at Huntington College. Surprisingly, Fuller-Kibellus chose... Continue Reading →

Radio interview of Indonesian craft/recipe book

Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia Selamat datang! Welcome to the land of Indonesia! After my daughter, Amanda, moved to Indonesia to teach in 2008, she began bringing home beautiful crafts from this country in Southeast Asia. She also cooked delicious recipes of food dishes that are eaten in Indonesia. When my children’s book editor... Continue Reading →

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