Book Signing with Tracie Peterson, Judith Miller and Cathy Marie Hake

A few months ago I had the privilege of meeting three terrific Christian novelists at a book signing.

They appeared to sign copies of their current books: Tracie Peterson (Dawn’s Prelude), Judith Miller (The Carousel Painter; sometimes co-authors with Tracie), and Cathy Marie Hake (That Certain Spark). These authors generally write romance – some contemporary, some historical.

A friend and I drove to the book store and as we were anxious, arrived early. The authors were set up, so we took the opportunity to chat with them about their writing. My friend and I are interested in writing a novel of the same genre as these ladies. I REALLY enjoyed our visit. The authors were so easy to chat with and even offered bits of advice. I remember Judith Miller saying how important it was to attend writer’s conferences to meet agents as it is almost only with their help that a writer today can gain admittance into the halls of publishing.

It’s always great to get with fellow writers, especially those with such good hearts.

This is not the first time I’ve attended a book signing. On my first occasion I was too intimidated by the thought of approaching a real author – especially one I admired – that I only stood outside of the store and watched her from afar. It seemed like too much of a challenge for me to talk with one so mighty as an “author”.

Now that I’ve written nine children’s books I feel a little better about approaching authors. I encourage each of you to scan your newspaper and favorite author websites to see who might be coming to your area for book signings. These people generally love to talk to others and relish hearing from fans.

I’ve posted a photo here of all of us.
L-R front :
Cathy Marie Hake, Tracie Peterson, Judith Miller
Back: me, Rhonda Maller (friend)

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