Sabbian reports on Hephaestus

Sabbian reports on my book on the Greek god called Hephaestus

My friend Sabbian read the book I wrote on the Greek god Hephaestus (Mitchell Lane Publishing). The 5-chapter book tells various stories about this god of the forge.

In today’s world Hephaestus would be called a blacksmith. He was also the only Greek god to be described as physically disabled.

Hephaestus would never win Mr. Congeniality. Some kids, after reading about Hephaestus’ life, would say he had good reasons to be grouchy and suspicious of people. In the video Sabbian describes episodes in Hephaestus’ life when the god was thrown out of a window. Then he was rescued and lived under the sea. You can listen to Sabbian’s great book report on Hephaestus at “

Look for a copy of Hephaestus at your local library. If you don’t find a copy, ask your librarian to order one. Tell me what you think about this important, but often misunderstood, god.

Sabbian did a nice job with his book report. Thanks, Sabbian!

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