Cameron Thinks My Book on Greek God Hades is Cool!

ImageMy friend Cameron recently read my book on the Greek god called Hades (god of the underworld). Cameron is a 5th grader. He liked the story about Persephone and Hades in Chapter 3. “It was exciting,” he said. Thanks, Cameron, for reading the book and commenting on it. 

I’m looking for other boys and girls who like to read my books and would send me a comment or two with a photo of them holding the book they have read. I have to have a parent’s signature on a permission form for me to post the photo. I could email that and it could be scanned and returned to me. 

If you would like to have your photo or your child’s photo pasted here to my blog with him/her holding one of my books which has been read, please contact me at wwwkjreusser@adamswells.comxxx. (remove the x’s which are put there to prevent spam)

I’ll be glad to work with you on this. I’m also booking for appearances in schools, libraries, special events for 2013. I love to encourage kids to read and find enjoyment in stories. 

Have a great weekend!



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