Have a Testimony to Share? Do it!

Alaskan flowers
Alaskan flowers

Today’s scripture: 2 Chronicles 33:14-20

Today’s verse: His prayer … and his entreaty all are written in the records of the seers.
— II Chron. 33:19 (NIV)

Testimonies display God’s grace in different ways. My friend Sam believed God didn’t love poor children and so battled a vicious temper. Francis got pregnant at age 16 and abused drugs and alcohol. Kate’s marriage broke apart in divorce, due to selfishness. Their stories are different, yet they have a common thread. These people eventually accepted Jesus’ love and grace and had their lives changed because of it. Their lives were testimonies to God’s grace and love.
After 55 years of performing every black deed imaginable, Manasseh’s sins could fill a set of encyclopedias. Yet, God didn’t record just Manasseh’s sins in the Bible. He also recorded Manasseh’s later prayer and repentant entreaty. Today we call this kind of story a testimony.

Have you experienced difficult circumstances in your life in which God has shown His love? Tell it to others. God may have brought you to this place so you may have the opportunity to share your story with others.

Prayer: Lord, give us courage to share our testimonies that we may glorify Your name. Amen.

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