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If you have ever had the opportunity to meet a World War II veteran, count yourself lucky. I’ve interviewed 260 and consider myself VERY lucky. They are a great group of people and have blessed my life greatly.

Within that group, however, is a set that has its own uniqueness — women who enlisted in the military.

Lucille Whitehead Clarke served in the US Navy during WWII in the WAVES.

During World War II, women were not drafted. Every one of the 350,000 women who wore a uniform for the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines and Army Air Corps volunteered.

Some did it to earn more money than working in a factory. Some did it because they wanted more respect and recognition than could be gained in other jobs.

Some women just liked the military uniforms.

But they all did it to help their country in whatever way they could.

I managed to track down 18 women since beginning my project of recording World War II stories almost a decade ago. They were much harder to find, but what gold mines of adventures!

Polly, Bonnie & Eileen served as Army nurses in Europe.

Ruth was voted ‘Miss Victory’ by her other WACs (Women’s Army Corps).

Lorraine worked with cryptography (codebreaking).

Betty, Marty and Maggie flew planes across the United States.

All of my WWII Legacies series books include stories about females in the military.

I felt the ladies deserved a book of their own.

With that desire and an idea to break into the coloring book market, I created my first book of that type:

Women of WWII Coloring Book.

It has pictures of the women mentioned above and others who served in the Army (WAC), Navy (WAVES), Coast Guard (SPAR), Army Air Corps (WASP).

There is also a teenaged Rosie the Riveter (she worked in a factory making a top-secret weapon) and the Army’s only official pin-up girl (it’s not who you think!).

The book would make the perfect stocking stuffer for all ages. It is educational and patriotic.

Women of WWII Coloring Book sells on Amazon.

If you get the book, tag me in a post on social media with your colored picture. I’d love to see a great number of these to show true patriots!

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