Happy Birthday to My Favorite Vet & the Marine Corps!

My husband received this beautiful American flag at his retirement at the 122nd Fighter Wing in Ft Wayne, IN. My daughters & I attended the event.

Today, my husband John celebrates a birthday! He is my favorite veteran (Air Force) and introduced me to military life as a spouse and later as a mother of a military member.

I’m so grateful for the 21 years of service he gave to his country and for the fellowship he continues to enjoy with fellow veterans today.


We Defended Freedom: Adventures of World War II Veterans (Bk 4, WWII Legacies series) ISBN: 978-1-7325172-5-7

On Tuesday, November 10, 2020, the Marine Corps turns 245 years old. The birthday was formally recognized in 1921, but the Marine Corps was formally recognized on November 10, 1775, during the Revolutionary War.

Kenny Bosworth (center, left)

I have stories of Marines in my new book, We Defended Freedom: Adventures of World War II Veterans: Bob Shouse, Woody Williams, Carl Scott and Kenny Bosworth.

Carl Scott
Bob Shouse

The book is available on Amazon.

Hershel ‘Woody’ Williams — Medal of Honor recipient

It is a compilation of stories from World War II veterans in the Army, Navy, Marines and Army Air Corps. It also includes two women – Army Nursing Corps and Navy.

Thanks to these and all of the Marines who have served our country so faithfully!

Please consider taking a look at this new book hot off the press and my other WWII books, several of which have Marine stories. Write a review at Amazon and Goodreads to let more people know about these amazing people!

And thank a veteran for his/her service!

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