100-Year-Old WWII Army Nurse Conducts Fantastic Interview on TV

Eileen Zeissig served as an Army nurse in Europe during WWII.

Last week, Daniel Beals of WPTA21 in Ft Wayne, Indiana, posted an excellent piece on his show, ’21 Country’ about 100-year-old World War II Army nurse Eileen Zeissig.

He interviewed her a few days prior, then put the story together with pictures of her and her war memorabilia.

He did a great job. I envy him his know-how.

He was so friendly to Eileen and professional.

Enjoy watching this segment of Eileen’s story.

She was a star!


I interviewed Eileen Zeissig in her home for our Facebook Live interview.

For even more information about Eileen’s story, go to my Youtube World War II Veterans Channel on Thursday to see an in-depth interview I conducted with her on Facebook recently.

These short (1-3 mins) vids of vets from various branches are posted weekly.

Here is a link to the latest interview. These were filmed at the end of interviews I conducted with WWII vets during the last decade.

Subscribe to the channel and watch them all.

Suggestion: Watch these vids as openers for school classes, civic groups discussion starters, even Sunday School classes. They will give boosts of patriotism!

Eileen Zeissig’s story is told in my new book, Born To Be Soldiers: Those Plucky Women of World War II.

Born To Be Soldiers: Those Plucky Women of World War II (paperback)

ISBN: 979-8-9855897-0-2

Born To Be Soldiers: Those Plucky Women of World War II Kindle

Thank a veteran today for their service to our country!

3 thoughts on “100-Year-Old WWII Army Nurse Conducts Fantastic Interview on TV

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  1. Thanks, GP! I always appreciate your comments and support. I think we can look to these women as inspiring role models of patriotism, which is so needed today. Take care,

  2. Kayleen, your book arrived last night. I was not only very pleased to receive it, but equally happy to read your letter and press release. I know I will be educated and entertained by the veterans of our generation and the war that affected us all so deeply.

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