‘Born To Be Soldiers’ Launches!

Women who served in various military branches are featured in the book– L-R: Coast Guard SPAR, Women’s Air Service Pilots (WASP), Army Nurse Corps (ANC).

It’s been a busy week with three exciting events!

All were to let people know about my new book, Born To Be Soldiers: Those Plucky Women of World War II.

This book was fun to write.

My hour-long talk on 3/6/22 was my fourth at the Ft Wayne History Center.

I admire the women in the book so much for their dedication to their country, determination to prove they were worthy of the trust given them by the military, and their pride in their qualities of hard work ethic and love of country.

The books is equally fun to promote because other people seem to love learning about these amazing women as well.

On Sunday, March 6, I spoke to a group of 50 people at the Fort Wayne History Center about ‘Those Plucky Women of World War II.’

The museum wisely offered zoom capabilities and 31 additional people heard me speak via that method. Those numbers set a record of attendance for the monthly lectures since January 2020.

I shared stories about the women from the book and my own observances following my interviews with them over the past decade.

Ruth Licking, native of Marion, North Carolina, served in the Army during WWII.

As several of the women in the book had lived/ worked in Fort Wayne, attendees shared how they had known these same women. The comment I heard most often: “I never knew (a name from the book) was in the military.”

I’m surmising that the women in the book often kept their military service quiet out of humility. They were not ashamed of their service.

Rather, I think it was a desire not to brag. It was a great day with book signings and a great meal afterward to celebrate at my favorite restaurant — Biaggi’s.


Eileen Zeissig served as an Army nurse in WWII.

Then, on Thursday, March 10, I held a Facebook Live event with one of two women still living from the book.

Go to https://bit.ly/3Ih90dq or my Facebook page for 3/10/22 to watch this video.

One-hundred-year-old Eileen Stuckey Zeissig was an Army nurse who served in France/ Germany.

The other veteran still living is Elizabeth ‘Betty’ White Dybbro from near Seattle. She served as a WASP in the war. Hers is one of three WASP stories in the book as well.


Eileen & I had a third, significant event a few days later that I’ll save for next week’s post because it is so big!

I confessed that I was tired after all of this, but Eileen said she was still rarin’ to go! That sounds like a plucky woman to me!

Can you tell I am excited about this book’s promotion?

I’m also available for zoom talks on this topic. Contact me at kjreusser at adamswells dot com.

Born To Be Soldiers: Those Plucky Women of World War II is available on Amazon.


ISBN: 979-8-9855897-0-2

Born To Be Soldiers: Those Plucky Women of World War II Kindle

If you have read ‘Born To Be Soldiers’, would you please leave a review at Amazon and/or Goodreads? A couple of sentences about what you liked or didn’t like will work.

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Thanks for your support.

Thank a veteran and his family for his/her service.

We would not be free and secure without them.

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