The Young Suffered Mental Illness During WWII

A recent post by Joan Stewart, a book marketing expert who titles herself ‘Publicity Hound’ because she also loves dogs and includes a vid about them in her newsletters, prompted this post about the topic of mental illness. Caption: Bombed-out homes confronted civilians everywhere in Europe during WWII. Photo by WWII vet Keith McComb. A... Continue Reading →

Author Naomi Wiederkehr Writes to Bless Children

Naomi Wiedekehr is so busy I felt lucky getting her to sit down with me for an interview with Senior Living magazine. We met decades ago as members of the Fort Wayne Christian Writers Club. We talked often about our writing goals. I think it’s great that we’re both writing for children. She writes for... Continue Reading →

Pastor Creates Homes for Forgotten Children Worldwide

This story is about a group of people who live in my small, Midwestern town whose vision is world-wide. Their work to help poor, neglected children around the world is phenomenal. Information to contribute to this ministry is listed at the end of the article. Please consider helping them. ** Twenty-seven million people in the world are... Continue Reading →

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