Lucy loves Selena!

Lucy is a friend of mine. She just read my book on Selena Gomez and told me she loved it! With her parents’ permission I’ve posted her picture here with a copy of the book. Biographies are great books to read to learn about people who have made a difference in the lives of other people.


I remember the first biography I read as a student:


Frederick Douglass Fights for Freedom.


Hear that alliteration? I think that’s why the title has stayed with me all these years.


Frederick Douglass was a brave, intelligent man who was kept as a slave for many years before earning his freedom. I was thrilled to learn about his exciting life. That’s why I like writing biographies of people like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Leona Lewis. These young women have set goals and obtained them, then set even higher goals.


They teach me a lot about how I should be living my life.


What books do you like to read? What goals have you set for your life?


My Publishing Story as told to John Kremer

John Kremer is the guru of book marketing ideas

Today I have the honor of being featured on John Kremer’s blog. Mr. Kremer is the guru of book marketing. I’ve read his blog on this subject for years and have implemented many of his ideas to market my nine non-fiction children’s books.

A biography on Taylor Swift was the first of my nine children’s books to be published.

My particular post is titled:

Book Marketing Makeover: How One Author Got a Book Assignment That Led to 9 Titles 

I encourage everyone who wants to write or has written a book to subscribe to his free blog. 

You can subscribe here:


Mr. Kremer often features authors’ histories of getting started. It gives me hope when I read other success stories. I hope my story helps you feel encouraged to write and sell many books in 2012!

Please let me know what you think of this post and if you have other ideas of how to market books. I’m open to ideas!

My Books

My "good girls" and "bad boys"

Here is a photo of my books. The girls are on the back row, while the guys (Greek gods) are on the front. At some future point I may move them around and shoot another picture, just to give the girls prominence. Taylor Swift was my first book and it continues to sell well. She is a great role model for kids and adults like her too!

Selena Gomez and Leona Lewis came next. They are also famous although they sing pop music.

The Greek Gods books are popular—if you’ve heard of the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” movie, you’ll understand why.

I have copies of the Taylor Swift book for purchase at $15.00 each. If you’re interested in having your own copy, let me know.

Take care and have a great day!

Claudia writes her report about my Leona Lewis bio

Claudia is excited to learn about British pop singer, Leona Lewis

My friend Claudia read the book I wrote on the British pop star Leona Lewis (Mitchell Lane Publishing). The chapter book tells about this young woman who has knocked the socks off of people around the world with her singing. In England Leona won first place on a talent show that is like “American Idol.” Many Americans recognize Leona’s voice when they hear her most popular song, “Bleeding Love.” Leona Lewis worked hard to achieve her dream of being a singer. She worked at Pizza Hut to pay for singing lessons. Claudia did a nice job with her book report. You can hear it on Youtube at “” and “”. (Claudia added so many good details we had to make 2 vids!) Thanks, Claudia! You did a great job!

Look for a copy of this Blue Banner biography about Leona Lewis at your local library. If you don’t find a copy, ask your librarian to order one. After you read it, I’d love to hear from you about it. Do you like learning about people from England? Do you like Leona’s music? If you don’t, that’s OK. Personally, I like her song “Better in Time” better than “Bleeding Love.”

Let me hear from you at kjreusser @ (take out the spaces).

Enjoy Leona’s music and have a great day! You’re special!

Jillian reports on my Leona Lewis book

Jillian loves Leona Lewis' biography!

My young friend, Jillian, volunteered to read my children’s chapter book biography of Leona Lewis (Mitchell Lane Publishing) and then write and read a book report on it. Leona is a British pop star whose song, “Bleeding Love” has topped song charts around the world. Jillian does a great job telling the main points of the 32-page book and creating reader interest in the book. She did an ace job. Thanks, Jillian!

You can see the fine job Jillian did writing the report and then filming the video on Youtube. Check it out at

Some other friends will be adding their thoughts of my other children’s books in future posts. Stay tuned!

Speaking to students at Wells County Public Library

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Recently I had the opportunity to speak to students who are members of the Wells County Public Library’s Junior Library (JL) Crew. It was snowing outside, but inside we were sharing thoughts about writing, Taylor Swift, and dreaming about what we’d like to be.

Using my biography on Taylor Swift, I talked to the kids about how dreaming could help them get through rough points in life. Every child needs a dream, something to look forward to in life, something exciting they want to do as a career when they grow up.

If you don’t have a dream like that, you can start one today! There’s lots of benefits. Dreaming helps keep you focused on doing well in school; which friends to hang out with; and what to do in your spare time. You can’t mess up too often, or your dream will go down the drain — or at least get clogged halfway down the drain.

The kids at this library were attentive and full of questions. It was a great 45 minutes. I admit, I prayed for all of them to get home safely, due to the snow (I think they must have because I saw them all at school the next day).

I enjoy speaking to students in elementary and middle school Grades about writing. Ask your local library to schedule me for a book talk. You can contact me at

After you’ve read these books on Taylor Swift, Leona Lewis, and Selena Gomez, take a few minutes to dream. You’ll be glad you did!

You’re special. Always remember that.

Take care,