Tribute to WWII Vets Who Died in 2020

Bill Sawyer, an Army medic in the Aleutians during WWII, and my husband, John -- Air Force vet -- bonded during #Honor Flight of Northeast Indiana in 2016. Each January I honor World War II veterans with stories in my books who lost their lives the previous year. This particular list is significant because these... Continue Reading →

Virtual Honor Flight – Cool Way to Thank Vets

2nd Lt. Jack Humbrecht 1944 The myriad of ways people find to show support to our military are impressive. Recently I had the honor and privilege to meet a World War II veteran who participated in a ‘virtual’ Honor Flight of Northeast Indiana. During the war, Jack Humbrecht was flying a B-17 over occupied Poland... Continue Reading →

Helen Blackledge–WWII survivor; esteemed Hoosier educator

Helen Blackledge, 103, of Fort Wayne has had some difficult times in her life— things that most of us will probably never have to endure. Yet, she has never given in to discouragement or the wonder of waking up each day. Helen Blackledge was born on August 24, 1907, in Allen County. She grew up... Continue Reading →

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