New Book Topic Revealed

Seibold Curly new (7)
This crew of a B-17 was shot down over occupied Germany in fall 1944. The crew escaped injury and death, but all were held prisoner in a German POW camp until the end of the war. 

Have you struggled with being forced to stay at home, had your food supply limited, been forced to conduct your life much differently than the past?

Then you’ll know in a small way how POW’s felt during WWII.

August 20 was celebrated as POW/ MIA Day. Those military acronyms stand for “Prisoner of War” and “Missing in Action.”

Fall Jim old (106)

I’ve interviewed men who showed me telegrams sent to their families during the war, listing their status as ‘Missing in Action.’

How horrifying it would be to receive that news – or worse, that of a death!

The stories of being shot down over enemy territory or captured in a jungle and more are hard to hear. But – I admit – they have also fascinated me.

The courage it took to fly bombing missions over occupied territory and bailing out of a  plane afire held me spellbound.

Or the tale of the 17-year-old Navy sailor whose ship was attacked and he was forced to jump into oil-filled waters, evading capture during the night, thinking he had found safety with friends only to have them betray him to the Japanese who imprisoned him for three years.

As you might have guessed, after much time and prayer, I have chosen these stories for my next book. It will include tales from vets in Army Air Corps, Navy and Army —  including an account of the Bataan Death March.

During recent times, some of us may have felt deprived or forced to cut back on things we wanted. Hopefully, these stories of people who survived some of life’s most devastating conditions in the name of helping to protect our country and others around the world will help us put things in perspective.

The book is due out by Veteran’s Day (November 11). I’ll do a cover reveal soon.

Please thank a veteran today for his/her service. We don’t know the struggles and challenges they have experienced in service to our country. They deserve our support.

If you’d like to read my books about WWII, they are available at Amazon. Ask your library to order them and please write a review at Amazon. That will help more people discover them and learn about our country’s history from the people who were there!



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