Lynn Yager — Model A owner

Lynn Yager and his 1931 Model A.

If you drive around Ossian, Indiana, this summer and see a Model A approaching, don’t worry. You have not been hurled back through time. It is Ossian residents Lynn E. and Carolyn Yager driving one of their two classic

cars around town.

Lynn E. Yager was not always interested in old cars. Prior to purchasing the Model A’s, he had a 1967 Camaro convertible and a 1974 Corvette. When in 1998, a friend who belonged to the Fort Wayne Model A Club began talking to Yager about buying a Model A,

Yager purchased a 1931 Model A that needed restoration. He had grown up with neighbors driving Model A’s, though his family never owned one. Henry Ford’s assembly workers produced millions of Model A’s from 1928 -1931.

Yager replaced upholstery, taillights and tires. He also painted the car which came with a rumble seat. Yager chose two-tone green for the car’s body, leaving the fenders the traditional black.

Lynn Yager says his Model A can run up to 55 mph. “I have driven it on the interstate and on driving tours with the Model A Club,” he said. He also drives it in the old car parade at the Bluffton Street Fair and in the Ossian Days parade. His fascination with his older antique car meant the end to the Camaro and convertible. Yager has since sold both.

After enjoying the green Model A, Yager decided to purchase another – a 1931 tan-colored 4-door sedan. He purchased it at the request of his wife. “We liked to take people with us and Carolyn thought a 4-door vehicle would have more room inside,” he said. Yager did not have to do major restoration on the second model sporting dark brown trim.

Since purchasing it in 2002, Lynn and Carolyn have driven it north to Mackinaw Bridge and Green Bay, Wisconsin. They have also gone to New Orleans, Missouri, and Virginia on car tours with other Model A drivers. The slant windows in front windshield aids with air ventilation.

“We get a lot of curious looks as we go down the road,” said Lynn Yager. “It’s a great way to see the country.”

The End

Reprinted with permission from Ossian Sun Riser

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  1. I have a model A in the paint shop now getting it ready for paint. I it painted two tone green like the one shown in this picture. can you tell me the name of the color’s or paint codes. this would help me out alot.

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