Soul cleansing

This devotion appealed to me because of the simple message – only by cleansing ourselves from sin can we be close to God. Photo: Matt Carrigan


 Psalm 51:1-10 “Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity…” v 2

In the movie, “South Pacific” Mitzi Gaynor sings, “I’m gonna wash that man right outa my hair.” The analogy of cleaning her life of romance with soap and water is cute, but King David wasn’t joking when he used a similar concept in today’s verses.

After the prophet Nathan confronted David about his sinful sexual behavior with Bathsheba, David confessed his wrongdoing and Nathan declared his forgiveness. David declared a full and heartfelt confession to God for his bad behavior. He used cleaning terms to show the seriousness of how he felt about his past actions –“blot out my transgressions”, “wash me thoroughly from my iniquity”, “cleanse me from my sin”, “purify me with hyssop.”

Sin can make our lives cloudy. Only God's love can cleanse us.

Hyssop is a plant used in Bible times to apply the blood of a sacrifice (Exodus 12:22). David wanted to remove every trace of blight from his life to the point of offering himself as a sacrifice.        

We don’t have to use hyssop today to have our sin removed from God’s sight. Jesus became our sacrifice and hyssop branch so that any sin we confess to God is wiped clean. David might have sung Mitzi’s song this way: “God’s gonna wash that sin right outa my life.”

God, help me to see my sin for what it is—a tragedy against You, others, and myself.  

The end

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