Everlasting Spring

This is one of my favorite devotions. I wrote it a number of years ago when we still lived on a farm. Life was challenging on the farm, but scenes like the one below made it all seem worthwhile. What signs of spring remind you of God’s care?


Photo by Matt Carrigan


“You will go forth and skip about like calves from the stall.” Malachi 4:2 NAS

The coming of Spring causes everyone to get excited, but none more than farmers. My husband waits impatiently for spring’s first signs around our farm–softened ground, small tufts of green grass in the pastures, and most welcome of all, a warm, gentle breeze.

Our dairy cows appear just as anxious for Spring. Standing at the edge of the dry cement lot, they lift their noses to smell the sweet clover in the fields. When we remove the barbed-wire fence surrounding the lot, their clumsy bodies bump each other in an intense desire to escape.

Then, they’re off! The scene reminds me of a Boston marathon for cows. Old and young alike leap into the air in their eagerness to be free.

Malachi prophesied that on the day of the Lord’s coming those who feared Him would skip about jubilantly. I can’t wait to kick up my feet in welcome of the end of life’s long struggle. It gives me courage to press on.

God, help me remember through life’s struggles that it isn’t long until You’ll come for me and I’ll be carefree and happy.

The End

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