Bluffton High School Teens Rock!

A few days ago I spent a lovely evening with some new friends at Bluffton High School in Bluffton, Indiana. They included me in their “Overnighter” party arranged by the school’s librarian Terry Burns. What a great, fun idea! I wish I could have participated in something like this when I was in high school.


The teens got together to read, play games, chat, and just spend time together in the library of their school. It’s a beautiful setting with lots of room and of course, lots of fun food like Pizza!

I talked with them about the subject of writing – how I got started, why I got started, why I kept at it after years of rejections, what it takes to find writing jobs and the joys of writing children’s books.

I showed them my children’s books and shared some Indonesian candy with them.

Several students asked questions and some indicated an interest in writing as a career or at least writing for the high school newspaper. Everything counts!


It was great fun and I appreciated the opportunity to talk with this group.


If you have a group that would like to learn more about writing, please contact me at


(delete the @’s at beginning and end)


I’d love to share my knowledge of writing from 20+ years of experience.

Take care,




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